Zuckerberg is Sad About Trump’s Decisions and Expressed his Opinion Privately

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: June 2, 2020

Mark Zuckerberg is the prime example of centrists who want to have it both ways. Now we all know how Facebook has benefited from the government of Trump and this is why Zuckerberg cannot afford to say anything to the President and his racist policies.

When Jack Dorsey flagged Trump’s tweets, Zuckerberg was quick to jump to Trump’s defense and he said that social media should not be the “arbiters of truth”.

However, he told his employees that he personally does not agree with what the President is saying.
So let us get this straight. Zuckerberg’s conscience is clear because he personally does not incite violence but he allows President Trump to do it and that too without any warnings or consequences.

Source: Mashable

Apparently, in a private all-hands meeting live-streamed on Friday, Facebook’s CEO said that he is not happy about everything that Trump is saying but well, that does not mean he is going to grow a spine and flag his statements.

My first reaction … was just disgust,” the Verge reports Zuckerberg as saying about Trump’s comment regarding shooting protesters. “This is not how I think we want our leaders to show up during this time. This is a moment that calls for unity and calmness and empathy for people who are struggling.”

Of course, we all love to just talk about how racism is ruining America and how the police system is broken. But when it comes to actually doing something, the people in power always take the stance that Zuckerberg chooses to ignore. These are not the words that you expect from someone who can actually bring a change but one capitalist protecting another fascist capitalist is not something new.

Facebook employees have protested against the company but Zuckerberg will do nothing more than expressing disgust and, that too privately. Obviously, knowing that in his heart Zuckerberg doesn’t encourage oppression comes as a great source of comfort to protesters who are risking their lives on the forefront while facing tear gases and rubber bullets.

Updated June 2, 2020
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