Zoom Leaked Thousands of Recorded Meetings Online

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  • POSTED ON: April 4, 2020

The controversies around Zoom just don’t seem to end and in the latest news, it has been revealed that along with your boss, other people can also watch your video conferences.

Apparently, there are thousands of recorded meetings present online for anyone to watch and collect information from. These videos involve private discussions, chit chat with friends, therapy sessions and also nudity.

Source: The Verge

After other news platforms, this time Washington Post received the limelight for adding one more issue to the whole privacy scandal around Zoom. One security researcher, Patrick Jackson, found this glitch as he discovered 15000 examples of leaked meetings online and then informed Post about the problem.

However, you do not even need to be a tech expert to gain access to these videos. If you type the file name on Youtube or Google, you will find the relevant video or recorded audio call within minutes.

Source: ZDNet

An example of how this could be really dangerous is when an online video of a therapy session was leaked in which a patient was communicating serious personal issues to their therapist.

The lack of privacy could be very damaging for patients who obviously don’t want the world to know about their conditions.
So we recommend that until Zoom fixes these issues, you do not use the platform for any meetings especially if the nature of your conversation is supposed to be highly confidential.

Updated April 4, 2020
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