You Can Change Default Email and Browsers in iOS 14

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: June 24, 2020

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference revealed a lot of important information this year. One of the updates that have excited the tech world is that Apple will now allow iOS users to easily change the default email as well as web browser apps with the release of new iOS 14.


Source: Apple

Right now, if you want to send an email, your Apple device opens up the Safari apps or Apple Mail because they are set as defaults. Many users considered this a problem because not everyone uses these mediums for mail and web.


Apple introduced third-party email clients like Gmail and Spark and web browsers like Chrome. So now, with the new iOS 14, you will be able to set those apps as default.


We do not blame you if you missed this feature from the Conference since Apple was quite subtle about it and barely mentioned it. However, it is listed in the new Settings option so you can check it out there.


Updated June 24, 2020
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