Why Did Google Give $1000 to all the Employees?

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  • POSTED ON: June 6, 2020

Google’s employees have been working from home since March and the CEO, Sundar Pichai believes that this will continue indefinitely until we are sure about the pandemic being over.

Lauren Whitt is the manager who is making sure that all the employees remain physically and mentally healthy. She is responsible for their well being and so, she has to keep a close check on all the equipment that makes work from home efficient

Source: Business News

Ten members of the global well being and mental health teams are employed at Google, helping its employees all over the world.
The company also organizes virtual training classes.

Moreover, Google has offered a $1000 allowance to all its employees to spend on the equipment and resources needed to work from home.

When asked about the initiative, Lauren Whitt said, “For us to be able to provide resources for Googlers to set up the most productive workstation at home so that they have an opportunity to separate.

“When I am in this space I am focused on my work and I am focused on these things, and when I step away from this space I am able to detach from work, I am able to connect with my family, my friends, my pets, the people in my community outside of this work box’ is really important.”
“The routine and the habits that we used to have in the office are so important for us to translate those and set new routines and new habits into the workspace and work setup that we have at home.”

She concluded, “That is really critical for us long term, as well as from a health perspective – making sure that we have the best opportunity for ergonomically correct chairs, eye-line for monitors and those sorts of opportunities as well.”

Updated June 6, 2020
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