What is ClubHouse App & ClubHouse Invite| 3 Hidden Features of the New Social App!

  • POSTED ON: December 18, 2020

No, it's not about new voice-tweet feature but new Social-Media app Clubhouse!

Lately, my social media feed has been flooded with posts about “Clubhouse.”

“Are you on Clubhouse?” “Please send me the invite!”

At first, I thought it’s something to do with the latest Cyberpunk 2077 game (apparently everyone is talking about it these days especially the leaked sex scenes on PornHub), but after some quick searching, I realized that it’s an invite-only, audio-based social media app that allow users to join conversations taking place in a virtual chat room.

Now, the concept of a chat room might remind you of early 2000s when Facebook used to have those odd-looking separate chat tabs to converse with friends and strangers, but it seems like Clubhouse is emerging to be the next big deal among social platforms, especially after its latest $100 million valuation! See: No more Starbucks on Social Media.

Silicon Valley is already going bananas over this eight-month-old social media platform, which has about 3,500 users across the globe, including some celebs like Ashton Kutcher, Oprah, and—most recently—Keven Hart!

But what exactly is this app about? Why is Silicon Valley obsessed with it? And if you get an invite, would it be worth a download? Or it is just a lockdown hype that is going to fade away when the world goes back to normal?

Well, here you will find all your questions answered! But first, we would want you to like our Facebook page and win some exciting gift hampers.

How do I use Clubhouse?

Consider Clubhouse like attending a high-school party! Yes, one of those parties where everyone used to be strangers to us, but we still poked our nose here and there to join the conversations.

The whole point of Clubhouse is to “chat” verbally (goodbye texting thumb!). It’s an exclusive audio-based application where we converse with other people (yes! Including celebs) in virtual chat rooms that you can enter and leave anytime you want. You’ll still need an invitation to join, though!

You cannot upload any video or image except your profile picture. There’s a mute option too, in case you’re insecure about your own voice!

What exactly do people talk about on Clubhouse?

Just recently, Kevin Hart initiated a conversation with about thousands of people discussing whether he is funny or not… so, there’s no specific limitation about what to talk about or what not to!

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The topics of discussion can range from “why cereal is not a soup?” and “let’s discuss the last season of GOT” to “is hotdog a sandwich?” In short, you can talk about everything and anything!

The goal is to just connect with fellow beings and talk! Be it about social issue, a political one, or simply Hollywood gossip, it’s a fun way to indulge in conversations and get to know about new perspectives and unique opinions. And just like Snapchat, the conversation records no history! Once gone, it’s gone forever! (Better luck next time, screenshitters!)

So, is it a dating app then?

No! Clubhouse is not for that purpose, but it still depends on the user! If you are intrigued with someone’s voice during a conversation, nobody is stopping you from flirting with them separately and hoping for some luck! However, we still advise you to read (in this case, listen!) the room first before going intimate!

Why are people going crazy for this app?

Maybe because of its alluring voice-only chat feature! This platform allows an exclusive access to a direct-to-direct conversation with celebs, tech-giants, business figures, activists and other people.

People are eager to utilize this platform to make personal or professional connections with others which may not otherwise be possible on other applications. And since anyone can join and have verbal conversations with literally everyone, there’s a sense of intimacy and personal connection that you won’t feel on any other platform.

Since many people have lost their jobs because of the pandemic, some might consider this platform a useful means to make professional connections and impress employers to grab jobs.

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Are there any safety and security policies?

It has only been eight months since its launch, and the application has already received fair share of criticism over ambiguous privacy and security policies.

The application started off with no policies whatsoever, which resulted in high harassment and misleading information reports among users. These incidences forced founders to intervene and they came up with much-needed community guidelines to maintain the law and order situation during conversations.

There’s a feature called “club rules” that allows users to regulate personalized rules in their respective chat rooms. Users can also block and report others if they make any sort of offense or anything related to it.

How to get an invitation?

Since the application is on beta testing stage, people can join conversations upon invitation only. So, you have to wait or even pray that someone sends you an invite! The good news is each new member is given one opportunity to invite anyone they would like to.

Is it worth a download?

Well, it depends on you! If you’re someone who would love to participate in long conversation or to eavesdrop on complete strangers, this application is for you! Because of its tightly-knit community, it offers an opportunity to connect with people who you would never otherwise talk to.

So, why not give it a try when you get an invite!

Updated December 18, 2020
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