Unbelievable! Elon Musk Is Now The Fourth-Richest Person In The World

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  • POSTED ON: August 19, 2020

Elon Musk’s financial upswing shows no limits…

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The outspoken, twitter troller, SpaceX CEO is now the fourth-richest person in the world, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index. He is still far behind Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos when it’s about ranking of world’s richest people.

Musk outstripped LVMH’S Bernard Arnault position, and now he is at the fifth place among the world’s wealthiest people list.

Musk’s fortune skyrocketed shortly after Tesla shares soared 11% on this Monday, and closed at a record high, boosting Elon’s net worth by approx $7.8 billion. Overall, Musk’s finances surged by $57.2 billion in 2020.

Well, it doesn’t end here, Musk’s bank account will likely be filled with more dollars shortly too. Tesla Inc. stock is expected to open at $1,835 on Tuesday and SpaceX is likely to close the deal of $2 billion in new funding, which would further increase its worth to $46 billion, according to Bloomberg calculations.

If you have noticed, mostly CEOs and founders of tech companies are ruling the list of the world’s 500 richest people, and they have earned pretty well this year. Zuckerberg just hit the $100 billion benchmark for the first time, and Bezos is on his way of becoming the first-ever person to have $200 billion worth of fortunes in the world.

Even Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates also has his fortunes boosted to $114 billion, Forbes reported. Moreover, Apple CEO Tim Cook also became a billionaire earlier this month because of the massive increase in Apple’s stock this year.

Well, drinks are on Elon Musk!

Now, he has become a Real Life Iron Man! Marvel may have Stark, but we have Musk; Elon Musk is on his mission to save the world…

Do you want to know how? Make sure to read this classic book Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future.

Updated August 19, 2020
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