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  • POSTED ON: March 22, 2021

With approximately more than 1 billion active iPhones in the world (according to Apple itself), the iPhone is probably one of the most loved handsets in the world!

Clearly, millions of people in the world own iPhones. If you own an iPhone yourself, you probably know how to use its important features. But here’s a news flash: Despite its rising popularity, the iPhone is still completely known to many!

The iPhone is like that introvert student who sits in the middle of every class, who we often underestimate; we know he’s there, we see him walk through the hallway, have lunch at the cafeteria, but we don’t know what secrets he holds within his heart.

And if you can’t relate to this, imagine the iPhone as your girlfriend: the more you get to know about her, the more you will fall in love with her.

So, the point is, the iPhone is one hell of a mysterious gadget. You think there’s nothing more to explore, but it still finds ways to surprise you!

From the amazing calculator trick to fast charging hack, here are 15 incredible things you probably didn’t know you could do on iPhone:

How to make a group Chat on iPhone?

How to Use iMessage Group Chat on iPhone or iPad - AppleToolBox

Probably the coolest thing about iPhone’s iMessage is hands down its group chat features. iMessage supports videos, photos, gifs, and some cool animation – something that Whatsapp hasn’t reached yet!

While iMessage is a very useful application for daily conversations, it also leads to a very big digital gap. Remember those blue vs. green chat bubbles? If your chat bubbles changed into green, it meant the recipient was not an iPhone user, while blue chat bubble indicated iPhone users. Anyways, if you and your friends own an iPhone, then you should definitely try group chat on iPhone.

Here’s how you can create group chat on iMessage:

-Open the iMessage app on your Apple device.

-Press the pencil icon located at the top right corner to compose a new message.

-Type the name, number, or email of the person you want to add in the To section, and tap the Add (+) icon and tap on all the contacts of your friends in the list.

-Once you have made your list, type a message and tap the send icon to create the group. There you go, you’ve made a group and everyone in the group can read and reply to your messages.

How to find Wi-Fi password on iPhone?

How to See Your WiFi Password on iPhone

iphone users can’t see the WiFi password directly on their handset unless there’s an app that can allow you to see it or it’s jail broken.

Even if you have your password saved on your iPhone, it doesn’t let you see it no matter what. But what if you really want to find your Wi-Fi password on your iPhone?

Well, here’s how can access it:

-Go to settings on your iPhone.

-Press on Personal Hotspot.

-Check out the Wi-Fi password in the menu. The numbers or alphabets you see in this section are your Personal Hotspot password.

Is the iPhone XR Waterproof?

Is the iPhone XR waterproof and Water Resistant - Gadgetswright

iPhone XR and XS are both not waterproof. However, they are water resistant. You can even take your phones with you while swimming, even if you’re swimming in the sea.

What is the iPhone 6 Release Date?

Apple iPhone 6S Smartphone Review - Reviews

The release date of iPhone 6 is September 25, 2015. It’s been 6 years already!

What is the iPhone 7 release date?

iPhone 7 128GB Black - Refurbished | Allo Allo (Pakistan)

The iPhone 7 was released on 16th September 2016.

When did the first iPhone come out?

Apple's first iPhone: How it looked and what it could do

The first ever iPhone was released on 29th June, 2007.

How to cast from iPhone to TV? Or How to screen mirror on iPhone?

Screen Mirroring with iPhone iOS 11(Wirelessly - No Apple TV Required 2017)  HD - YouTube

Here are a few easy steps to stream videos from your iPhone:

-First of all, connect your device with the same Wi-Fi network, which is also connected to your App TV or any Apple-compatible smart TV.

-Click on the video that you want to cast on the TV.

-Tap a screen icon to start casting.

How to scan or code on iPhone?

How to scan QR codes on your iPhone or iPad | TechRadar

Here’s how you can do it:

-Open your Camera app.

-Select the back camera option. Place a QR code in the viewfinder in the Camera app. Your phone will then start processing the QR code. Once done, a notification will pop up.

-Tap on the notification to access the associated link and you’re good to go.

Is iPhone 12 Waterproof?

iPhone 12 Water Test - Will It Survive Underwater? - YouTube

According to Apple, “iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are splash, water, and dust resistant and were tested under controlled laboratory conditions.”

What is the iPhone 13 release date?

Apple's Massive iPhone 13 Upgrades Suddenly 'Confirmed' In New Leaks

According to Apple’s previous patterns of releasing their new version of a popular handset, the expectant release date of iPhone 13 would be the fourth week of September 2021. We will update this blog as soon as the company announces iPhone 13 release date.

How to fax from iPhone?

How to Fax From iPhone | Tech Times

Follow these simple steps to know how to send fax from iPhone:

-Install and download FAX.PLUS app from the Apple store.

-After downloading, open the app and login into your Gmail or Facebook account to register for free.

-You need to verify your number or email address in order to get registered.

- Tap on the Send Fax and enter the number of the recipient in the To section.

-Tap on the Send button to roll out your Fax.

How to close apps on iPhone 12?

Force-Close Running Apps on Your iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max « iOS &  iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Running apps consume a lot of battery, so they need to properly close once you’re done using them. Here’s how you can do this:

-Double tap on the home button.

-All the running apps will be displayed on the screen.

-Swipe up the ones you want to close, and you’re good to go!

Another way to do it is:

-Swipe up from the bottom of your screen, and you will see all the running apps on the screen.

-Choose the one you want to close, and swipe up. You’re done!

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Just by the way, the new iPhone is on it's way after the successful launch of iPhone 12. We are looking forward to see a spectacular virtual event from Apple this year too. Since facemasks have become a thing now, would there be an alternate for Face ID in upcoming iPhone? Well, we have to wait till September to find out. While we wait for the biggest Apple event, don’t forget to use the hidden touchpad, home and Lock screens option that comes with a brand new iOS update.

Updated March 22, 2021
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