This Genius Mom has a brilliant hack to Keep her 6 Noisy Kids Focused During Virtual School

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  • POSTED ON: September 30, 2020

This school-from-home thing has been quite a challenge for parents, especially when you’ve got four kids constantly bugging you for one problem or another. But this genius mom of Arizona siblings has a brilliant workaround!

Jaala James is an 18-year-old college student who, like many other kids, is taking her first semester remotely. She has eight siblings, six of whom still live at home; she’s trying so hard to get her studies done without being distracted.

She told the private news organization that she, her sister and her brother all have ADD and are super talkative and they just can't stop each other from talking.

Also, there was no space! Even the large dining area wouldn’t be enough to accommodate all the six children with laptops and textbooks into the chaos.

So, their genius mom had a brilliant idea: cubicles!

So, the genius mom's hack included buying six cubicles online and entirely transforming their entertainment room into a full-fledged office-style setup!

The elder sibling made a TikTok video of the cubicles, and people were so amazed! Some were making fun of them, while many were so impressed and praised the mom for this brilliant hack.

Source: TikTok

Obviously, James and her siblings absolutely love them. They are so in love with their dedicated space and dividers to keep the noise and other distractions at bay. Also, there is still sufficient space left for their three dogs to hang out while the kids are taking their lessons online.

As per James, the cubicles work great and help in sectioning off distracting noise and sound. This has also helped me in improving my grades.

The chatty kids and their mom even re-created a scene from the infamous show ‘The Office.’

And to fuel up the excitement, their mom actually placed a “student of the week” board; the cutest thing about which is that the weekly winner is always one of the dogs.

So, who’s heading to buy some cubicles for the kids? Pretty genius, huh?

Updated September 30, 2020
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