The new approved emoji is the perfect way to express your 2020 agony!

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: September 22, 2020

‘Face with spiral eyes’ is the mood of the year! Emoji revealed!

Source: The Verge

2020 hit us like a wrecking ball! It is probably going to be remembered as the most devastating year of the century. The ongoing pandemic has led thousands of people to their death beds, the wildfire burned down the West Coast into ashes, people went jobless, police brutality has risen, and the entire world order has been turned upside down!

These catastrophic scenes will certainly drive anyone to the state of paranoia and depression, and we don't even have any emoji to express what we're feeling right now!

Well, we do: Unicode Consortium has just approved a new crop of emoji to express the anguish of 2020. You won’t be using this emoji until 2021, but they’re evidently inspired by the chaos of the current year. From the “face exhaling” (totally exhausted with this shit) to “face in clouds” (for delusional or confused state of mind), to “heart on fire” (giving a sense of burning a past love), all these emojis show the devastating feelings of 2020.

But for us, the “face with spiral eyes” emoji is most fitting with the 2020 mood right now! Submitted by Jennifer Daniel, Google emoji czar, the emoji is also called “face-unwell”, including suggested keywords such as “trouble,” “oh no,” “whoa,” and “yikes!” which can be added to find the emoji.

The spiral eyes emoji depicts the state of being delusional, hypnotized, dizzy,  or generally overwhelmed with the feelings of epiphany to the point of being no control over one’s action—exactly what we all are feeling right now!

It also gives a sense of an intense peculiarity of the past seven months, as social isolation creeps into our minds and a bizarre series of global tragedies comes forth. No wonder why everyone is roaming around with spiral eyes in 2020!

You can also add a beard to any face emoji to express how much you have aged these past seven months.

Updated September 22, 2020
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