Superstrata Reveals The First Ever 3D Printed Unibody Electric Bike

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: July 14, 2020

Arevo may not be famous but the famous Silicon Valley-based organization is utilizing its prowess in composites manufacturing as well as 3D printing in order to build the first-ever 3D-printed unibody electric bike.

Today two models are being introduced under the brand Superstrata. This is a much-lightweighted analog, customizable for various riding styles.  It is a Class 1 e-bike with a 252Wh battery, a rear-hub 250W motor, and 60 miles of range.

Its frame is a unibody which means that it is manufactured as a single piece instead of welded together from numerous other pieces like other regular bikes. Strata said that the utilization of thermoplastic materials will make this bike highly impact-resistant without hindering its lightweight label.

3D printing is costly but Superstrata has confessed that ultra-durable bike frames and designs are so appealing that customers will be interested to pay extra bucks. Do you know that customers can even send their own measurements and the company can print it out? Each frame takes almost 10 hours to build. In fact, the company says that it can produce up to 250,000 combinations!

CEO Sony Vu said: “There’s no glue, no joints, no seams or anything like that. And so you get a lot more strength. To be completely honest with you, we’re literally building the bike as we’re riding it. There’s something exceptional about that.”

Regarding the supply and partnership with big companies he said: “Rather than knocking on the doors of these big bike companies and begging them to make stuff for them, screw that. Let’s just ship a product that people love. And if the big bike companies want us to make carbon fiber frames for them? We’ll totally do it.”


Updated July 14, 2020
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