Streamlining Your Podcast Listening – Google’s New Feature Allows Direct Access to Apple Podcasts

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  • POSTED ON: May 24, 2023

In a bold move, Google is revolutionizing the way we discover and stream podcasts. After bidding farewell to a feature that allowed direct playback of podcasts from search results, the tech giant has unveiled its ingenious plan to enhance the podcasting experience.

They have announced plans to transition to a new design that would provide podcast information and links to listen on other platforms through search results. This change is now being gradually implemented and made available to users across the world.

When users search for podcasts using generic terms such as “kids podcast” or “movie podcasts” on their iPhone or iPad, Apple has revelated that they will now be presented with a convenient option to “Listen on Apple Podcasts.” This new feature aims to simplify the podcast discovery process, making it easier for users to find and enjoy their favourite shows directly through Apple’s dedicated podcast platform.

At present, the feature is exclusively accessible to Google Search users within the United States. However, Google has plans to gradually expand its availability to additional markets following a thorough assessment of its initial performance.

During the testing phase of these updates, an exciting discovery was made while searching for “comedy podcasts.” A prominently displayed box at the top of the search results captured our attention, showcasing a delightful selection of popular titles. The enhancements didn’t stop there!

Users were granted the ability to apply filters, refining their search for specific sub-genres like “stand-up comedy” or “TV,” among others. What’s more, with just a simple tap on the filter buttons, users could limit their results to podcasts available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts. This newfound control over search results ensures that users can easily discover and enjoy their favorite comedy podcasts on their preferred platform.

During our testing on an iPhone via Google mobile search, we observed a slight variation in the placement of the Google Podcasts filter option. Unlike the other filters, which were prominently displayed, the Google Podcasts filter option appeared off to the side of the screen, separate from the initial set of filters.

Despite this subtle difference in placement, users can still access and utilize the Google Podcasts filter to refine their search and exclusively discover podcasts available on that particular platform.

Google’s commitment to providing a comprehensive podcasting experience remains unwavering, ensuring that users can conveniently explore their preferred podcasts, including those found on Google Podcasts, with ease.

Upon tapping on a specific show, users are seamlessly directed to a detailed page that provides a wealth of information. Here, they can delve into a captivating description of the program, discover details such as its release frequency and average episode length, and explore a comprehensive list of the latest episodes.

Notably, an enticing option to “Listen now on Apple Podcasts” is readily available. By simply tapping into this option, users will be swiftly transported to the Apple Podcasts app, courtesy of a convenient deep link. This streamlined integration allows for a seamless transition from exploring show details to immersing oneself in the podcasting experience, ensuring a hassle-free and uninterrupted journey of audio delight.

The recent changes introduced by Google not only benefit Apple Podcasts but also extend the same functionality to Spotify. Users can now enjoy a seamless podcasting experience across both platforms.

To access Google Podcasts, users simply need to click on the “All Listening Options” button, which reveals additional choices. This showcases a fair and unbiased approach, as no self-referencing is apparent in the search results.

It’s worth noting that while Spotify has had this feature available in their app for over a year, Apple Podcasts has now confirmed the introduction of this new functionality.

As with any phased rollout, it’s possible that some users may have already experienced these changes while others are yet to see them. This staggered approach ensures a smoother implementation and allows for the necessary adjustments to be made along the way.

All in all, these changes reflect a positive shift towards enhancing the podcasting experience for users. With improved access to their favorite podcasts through different platforms, listeners can now enjoy a personalized and seamless journey into the world of audio content.

Whether you’re an avid Apple Podcasts fan, a dedicated Spotify user, or prefer the offerings of Google Podcasts, the power is now in your hands to select the app that best suits your podcasting desires.


Updated May 24, 2023
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