SpaceX Releases Starlink App and Prices!

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: October 28, 2020

Do you remember when Elon Musk Announced Elon Musk's SpaceX new satellite high-speed internet experiment? Well, the internet system is finally taking off!

By the end of this week, the Starlink satellites from SpaceX start connecting users to WiFi. According to reports, SpaceX had already emailed regarding the pricing for early users on Monday.

Apparently, the service will charge $99 per month. In addition, to get the starter kit which has all the necessary equipment for connection, there’s an additional $499. The equipment includes a tripod, a terminal, and a WiFi router. SpaceX is yet to respond and confirm these pricing details.

To get more information regarding early access and how you can connect to the internet, there’s a Starlink app available on iOS. There’s one for Android as well.

Source: Mashable

The program is aptly called “Better than Nothing Beta.” We had already informed you that by the end of the year, this service will be available in US and Canada.  SpaceX has begun rolling out coverage to beta testers in some areas of the US and has enabled high-speed internet access during the wildfires.

Sources reveal that the emails provide the expected broadband data speed from 50 megabits/second to 150 Mb/s with 20 milliseconds to 40 mc latency because the system is already established and improved significantly.



Updated October 28, 2020
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