Sony’s surprising PS5 Digital Edition to set up a next-gen price war

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: June 15, 2020

Sony has disclosed its PlayStation 5 console hardware last week, and although the console design is labeled divisive, the actual surprise element is the plan for two PS5 models. Do you know that a PS5 Digital Edition will be shipped with the same hardware specs as the primary model but without the 4K Blu-ray drive? Although the price is yet to be revealed, it is obvious that the Digital Edition will be priced higher than the optical drive.  You know what that means – there’s going to be an epic showdown between the prices of Sony’s PS5 Digital Edition and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Microsoft is preparing to launch the two next-gen Xbox Models. The Xbox maker has already disclosed the Xbox Series X, but it is yet to show us the cheaper Xbox which has been in works for quite some time. This Lockhart Model is similar to Sony’s PS5 Digital Edition as it will be shipped without the optical drive. However, it’s also expected to have made changes to the memory configuration and inside GPU that makes it comparatively less powerful than the Series X.

Sony’s PS5 Digital Edition is unlikely to impact Microsoft’s plans, but it may give some leverage when pricing the PlayStation 5.

Furthermore, the 4K Blu-ray drive is likely to equate a $50 price cut due to the drive costs and related licensing charges. No matter what it may seem like, price plays a huge role here as we’re all about to enter the worst recessions in decades. The key might turn out to be the savior only if Sony and Microsoft stretch out their usual losses on hardware instead of chasing after game sales and subscriptions.

We’re yet to find out whether or not Sony will allow people to loan games to their friends which could potentially drive the digital sales if left unsupported.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has been toying with the digital Xbox editions and the possibility of sharing games digitally. Last year the company produced disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition for $249 and $50 less when on retail. You can’t deny it’s been a popular choice as many games now demand regular updates and the requirement to be installed to a drive.

Moving forward, we can expect that storage and digital games will hold increased preference. Sony is, in fact, making it compulsory that all games must be installed to the internal SSD improving the read speeds. Furthermore, Sony has allowed PS5 owners to increase storage using SSD drives that meet the requirements for the performance.

As of now, we aren’t sure when both Microsoft and Sony will reveal their prices. As a matter of fact, we can’t be sure of anything as Microsoft can hit another bouncer and introduce a surprise Xbox Series X Digital Edition. Nobody knows how Lockhart console will be priced, or even marketed.

It’s a summer full of secrets and surprises!


Updated June 15, 2020
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