Six PlayStation VR games for Sony, including Doom 3

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  • POSTED ON: March 4, 2021

Sony has updated us regarding the slate of VR games that are set to release this year. The list is actually great, as it includes the virtual reality adaptation of Doom 3 alongside some newcomers and successful VR studios.

Sony has initially announced a new generation of PSVR for its PlayStation 5 console. According to the announcement, the headset would come with a redesigned controller and a single cord would come in place of the original cable box. In addition, there will be a higher resolution screen and other upgrades.

But comes to think of it – not enough information has been given regarding the headset and even the device isn’t arriving this year. Thus, it makes sense that the games that are being launched today will be launched for PSVR – of course, the promise of better experience is granted.

Doom 3 VR is the only title that’s been given with the release date. It will launch on the 29th of March for PS4 and PS5. It’s apparently a “retooled” port of the original 2004 shooter and it will come with two expansions that are designed for the PSVR gun-like accessory. The snippet of the game hints us about the updated graphics and changed gameplay.

This isn’t the first Doom game for PSVR, the first one was released in 2017! Since it’s not the first time Doom 3 that has appeared in VR, it will be nice to see the changes and the secretive upgrading.  The game was supposed to be part of the launch of the Oculus Rift headset, but got cancelled as it got caught up in a lawsuit over rights issue. But a few days ago, a modding team had unofficially ported the game to the Oculus Quest.

Furthermore, Vertigo Games – creator of Zombie VR shooter Arizona Sunshine – is all set to do a follow-up on After the Fall and bring it to PSVR. The Fall was announced a few years back and was supposed to come to PSVR by 2020, but that expected launch was slightly delayed. However, the rescheduling caused by the pandemic has been done, and now, the game is slated for an early 2021 launch.

Apparently, PlayStation VR is supporting the sequel of I Expect You to Die 2 – a wild concept of successful escape room title. It was originally supposed to stream in January and promised a highly interactive spy-themed puzzle and enduring VR technology.

Other games don’t come with the same recognition but they still hold intriguing value to the updated PSVR catalog. Fracked is developed by nDreams, and the game is supporting the same old sporty-gun formula and is an action shooter built around skiing. There’s intense climbing, zip-lines, and the old-school duck-and-cover combat. Who doesn’t enjoy watching an interdimensional army of gun-wielding?

There’s also a Song in the Smoke by Galak-Z developer, and it’s a survival game that explores the themes of crafting, scavenging, and hunting. In the trailer, the gorgeous landscapes and mechanic designs can be seen and it will launch sometime this year – the exact date of release on the VR platform is unspecified.

Along with all these games, Sony is also inducting the 2021 release of Zenith – the anime-inspired multiplayer roleplaying game that was funded on Kickstarter. The game is heavily influenced by high-tech fantasy world that makes the players climb and glide on the ground and fight the VR-adapted versions of the conventional RPG combat.

Such exciting news, we simply cannot wait for these six PlayStation VR games like Doom 3: VR edition to release!

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Updated March 4, 2021
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