Silicon Valley| 10 Shocking Facts About The Mysterious Tech Hub in California!

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Whenever we hear the
term “Silicon Valley”, our ears perk up as we begin to take keen interest in
knowing what the conversation is about. There’s something about the sound that
makes it all seem so intellectual and ambitious.

As you may know, Silicon
Valley is the headquarters of all the famous tech companies in the world.
They’re quite strategically positioned in the same place.

Where exactly is it?
Like, most of us have heard that it exists, thanks to shows like Silicon Valley
and The Big Bang Theory, but we don’t know that exact location.

Some people
even think that it’s all fictional. Well, the truth is that it’s not fictitious
– it’s completely real.

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Source: Wired 

Silicon Valley is
located in the southern region of the San Francisco Bay Area situated in
Northern California. It’s the global hub for cutting-edge and high tech innovation.
It’s actually pretty expensive to live there – on an average, an estimated
$2,341 goes out of your pocket if you choose to live and work

Is Called Silicon Valley?

You may assume that
there’s some great intellectual thinking gone behind the name of Silicon
Valley, but in reality, it’s because of sand. Officially, it was coined in 1971
when journalist Don Hoefler published a three-part story on the history of the
semiconductor “Silicon Valley USA”.

Here’s why employees are leaving Silicon Valley.

Soon, people picked up the term and
starting using it in association with technology – almost inseparably.

But, here’s the
question: what’s with the sand? The thing is that many companies like Intel—that
manufacture computer chips— began operation from Silicon Valley. And it just so
happens that the first ingredient that is used to make sand is sand.

Silicon Valley Real?

Like we hinted before,
many people still think that Silicon Valley is a fictional place that just
makes appearance in sci-fi series. But it’s an actual place in the United
States of America that is a hub of innovation and technology.

Currently, it
homes more than 2,000 tech companies – resulting in the most dense
 concentration in the world.

What makes it different
or what is the striking factor that makes it so popular? It’s the competitive
advantage that residents of the area gain in the form of access. The access is
of authentic and reliable suppliers, loyal and trusting customers, and cutting-edge

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In fact, it wouldn’t be
wrong to claim that the companies that are present in Silicon Valley as of now
are leading in their industries. This includes social media, software,
internet, etc. The companies centered around here are also responsible for
producing laser, fiber optics, robotics, and medical instruments.

Exactly Is Silicon Valley Known For?

It’s the spirit of
cooperation that could be held responsible for the success of Silicon Valley.
The reason why these people find it easier to cooperate is that most people
went to school together.

The founders of local companies residing there have a
history that binds them. They’re there to not only morally support each other
but also promote each other’s work and production.

Despite their
affiliation with respective companies, personal loyalties override. The
professional networking there is extremely strong and that leads to exchange of
information and trusted collaboration.

One of the biggest
examples of such collaboration is of Apple. Steve Jobs relied incredibly on his
best friend Steve Wozniak, and when Jobs passed away, another trusted business
companion continued his legacy.

In addition, there is
Elon Musk, who started his Boring Company and Tesla in Silicon Valley. He had
the support of his hi-tech companions and their innovative strategies, due to which
he achieved success worldwide.

Mark Zuckerberg and
Jack Dorsey are a couple of more individuals, with their roots in the Silicon
Valley, who genuinely achieved global fame.

Companies of Silicon Valley

Of course, the most
famous companies that have come out from Silicon Valley are Apple, Facebook,
Google, and Netflix. Twitter, Tesla, and eBay also come from the same valley.
Other major companies that regularly support the companies mentioned before are
Cisco, Oracle,, Hewlett-Packard, and Intel; these companies were
also found in the Silicon Valley.

If you think that only
famous and well-known companies are found in the Silicon Valley, you’re wrong,
because it is home to many local companies as well.

of Silicon Valley

Do you know that the
idea of Silicon Valley came into existence because of the Great Depression?
Basically, a Stanford engineering professor called Frederick Terman wanted to
generate more job opportunities for his students – which was almost impossible at
the time, of course.

Due to the lack of
jobs, he encouraged his students to join forces and start their own companies.
The joint effort of William Hewlett and David Packard turned out to be fruitful,
after which others followed suit. They soon began earning grants for their

it really a Mecca for Business and Innovation?

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Yes, you can say that
it is the Mecca of business and innovation because majority of the high-tech
companies in the world have their headquarters residing there. Like, you can
find the headquarters of companies like, Apple, Tesla, Google, HP, Sony, Dell,

Silicon Valley Previously A Navy Research Facility?

Initially US Navy’s
Moffet Field was located in the area where now Silicon Valley stands. Purely
due to the presence of the military facility, the ambiance of the area seemed
too high-tech. Hence, there were several electronic companies, computer
industries, and local shops in the region.

And yes, there was also a research
facility for the military.

Is Classified As the Smart City?

The question is: Why
shouldn’t it? After NASA took over the management of naval operations in San
Francisco, the Moffet Field has to be related to San Diego. But, the rest of
the establishments in the region remain untouched and they still stand today.

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In fact, even more aerospace companies and IT firms have found space in the

Hence, you can say that
the area is preoccupied with engineering, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and
other technical industries.

the Workforce in Silicon Valley Diverse

Silicon Valley is the
one place where you’ll find a rich source of talented individuals and
resources. This is exactly what secures their brand, research, products, and
development. It also increases competitiveness.

These employees have a
multi-cultural background. You’ll find people from all races, genders, colors,
and orientations.

There A Show On Silicon Valley And How Many Season Does It Have?

Yes, there are six
seasons of Silicon Valley, based on a couple of intellectuals who attempt to
build their own app. It’s an interesting story told in a humorous way.
Unfortunately, the series could not be renewed for a seventh season and HBO had
to cancel it due to poor ratings.

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you can tell, Silicon Valley is the mysterious, tech hub in California aka tech
city. We hope that you liked the shocking facts related to it.

Updated December 28, 2020
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