Save $60 On Apple’s Refurbished Earbuds & Wireless Charging Set!

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: July 1, 2020

Woah.. You couldn’t get a better offer than this!

Source-The verge

A new set of Apple’s second-generation Airpods with a wireless charging case may cost you $170, but you don’t need to worry anymore because Best Buy has some amazing offers! Now you can get a refurbished set of wireless earbuds for just $110 and save up to 60 dollars on every purchase. It’s the best offer we have ever come across! The offer is also available for other Apple’s original accessories.

If you don’t have a wireless charger then you can purchase one only for $20.

Best Buy claims that the wireless earbuds are well-tested, but the value attached to it may vary if there are scratches on the charging set. They are also offering a 90-day warranty, though it’s no way near the original offer of the 1-year warranty that comes along with the purchase of a new set. However, it’s still a better trade if you’re saving around 100 dollars on a refurbished set. It’s worth it!

Unlike the first-generation model, this one can switch faster between the connected devices with the additional H1 chip. Moreover, it also responds to the “HEY SIRI” command! Not only this, but this model will also have a new feature that has been displayed at WWDC 2020. With this additional feature, your earbuds can automatically switch to the devices based on whichever playing the audio.

Updated July 1, 2020
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