Microsoft To Ditch Internet Explorer And Legacy Edge By 2021

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 19, 2020

Microsoft plans to bid farewell to the Internet Explorer 11 all across its Microsoft 365 apps by 2021. They’ve even rolled out a date for it: August 17th 2021. Therefore, by this time next year, you will be able to access Internet Explorer 11. The services include OneDrive, Office 365, etc. The same relation is being planned for Microsoft Teams and that connection will end by the November 30th of this year.

Microsoft will most likely continue its legacy with Chromium-based Edge browser. It will also allow businesses to continue their access to old sites which are not specifically designed for Internet Explorer – till Microsoft completely drops support with Windows 10, of course. No matter what anybody says, this was actually a great decision on their end!

According to sources, Microsoft will end its support for existing legacy versions by March 21st of next year. Hence, after the due date, the legacy version of Edge will not receive any updates related to security. Microsoft has recently been encouraging its existing Windows 10 users towards its Chromium-based Edge browser. According to the company, the new devices, along with future windows feature updates, will have the new Edge browser.

It’s been years since Microsoft’s been trying to kill off the Internet Explorer usage. Back in 2015, the company has unveiled the first new Edge browser which was codenamed as Project Spartan at the time. That was the first major step towards the end of the Internet Explorer brand. It is not labeled as a compatibility solution and lost its appeal as a browser. Due to its age, businesses discourage the use of Internet Explorer.

Updated August 19, 2020
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