Microsoft Teams Goes Down As Users Increase

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  • POSTED ON: March 18, 2020

As more and more people practise social distancing, the load on the internet increases. Many businesses and companies are now operating by asking the employees to work from home, and due to this, online services are getting affected. 


The latest site to go down because of this is Microsoft’s chat and communications tool, Microsoft Teams. It stopped operating on Monday morning for more than two hours after thousands of employees signed into the network.

Their attempts were unsuccessful, and even those who already had access were unable to send or receive messages from their fellow users. Microsoft took notice of the issue and provided a solution just after two hours.

After fixing it, Microsoft released a statement which said that the company has “resolved an issue that may have impacted a subset of customers in Europe.” However, the users begin to experience similar issues once again around 11:30 AM ET today as the access to the tool increased. Microsoft has concluded that it is difficult to monitor the problem because of irregular intervals, so now Teams is being assessed by the technicians.


A spokesperson for Microsoft said earlier, “We’ve taken steps to address an issue that a subset of our customers may have experienced. Our engineering teams continue to actively monitor performance and usage trends.

The popularity of Microsoft Teams grew suddenly as more and more employees were being asked to work remotely. However, the timing for having such glitches couldn’t be more wrong because some institutions were also using the service to conduct classes. A school in The Netherlands was especially affected as the students were asked to log in for a question/answer session the day issues surfaced on Teams. 

Source: The Daily Mail

Even before coronavirus, Microsoft Teams experienced problems this year. The app stopped working last month because the tech giant forgot to renew its key SSL certificate. After three hours and numerous complaints, they issued a statement that apologized for all the problems caused by the delay of missing the deadline for the certificate. “We’ve determined that an authentication certificate has expired, causing users to have issues using the service.”

Source: PC Mag

The list of issues that Microsoft has exercised due to mass overloading is never-ending. Just yesterday, their Xbox Live service went down after users connected to the server. They were unable to login, and the consoles were not responding to the service.

Source: Tech Deeps

Social distancing has increased the demand for in-house activities and the fact that Microsoft is not able to survive overload is quite disappointing. But they are dealing with it and have acknowledged the issue.

The latest statement released by the company says, “We’ve rerouted user connections to alternate systems and our monitoring indicates that impact is mitigated. We’ve confirmed that the impact associated with TM206559 is related to TM206556 and will continue to update TM206556 with the latest status as we monitor service health.”

Updated March 18, 2020
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