Meet Your Match: Teaser’s AI App Turns You into a Chatbot

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  • POSTED ON: June 12, 2023

A man on a dating app claims that we have a lot in common. He insists that we share a love for books, music, and travelling. He even mentions being a poet and expresses a desire to share his work with me.

Although I’m slightly skeptical, I decide to give it a chance. When I ask to see his poems, his response leaves much to be desired:

“[Title Name] [Content].”

This seems less like an intriguing experimental or minimalist approach to poetry and more like an indication that “Matthew, 27” is possibly an AI-generated persona who may not possess any genuine poetic talents.

Teaser AI is an innovative dating app created by the team behind Dispo, a photo-sharing platform that captures the essence of disposable cameras.

The unique aspect of Teaser lies in its ability to allow users to engage in conversation with an AI representation of potential matches before making a decision to swipe right or left, providing an opportunity to gauge their personalities beforehand.

Daniel Liss, the CEO of Dispo and Teaser, emphasizes that he does not intend for people to recreate the plot of the movie “Her,” where a recently divorced individual develops romantic feelings for an AI assistant resembling Alexa.

Instead, Liss views the AI conversations facilitated by Teaser as a means to break the ice and initiate connections between users.

The focus is on using AI as a tool for starting conversations and fostering connections rather than promoting romantic attachments to artificial intelligence.

Daniel Liss, in his interview with a credible news source, clarifies that the purpose of AI in Teaser is not to replace human interaction but rather to expedite the process of finding that initial icebreaker that leads to meaningful conversations.

Liss emphasizes that the ultimate goal is to facilitate real-life connections, such as meeting up for a drink or going for a walk, by utilizing AI to streamline the early stages of getting to know someone.

Liss refrained from disclosing the specific large language model that Teaser is currently using, as it remains subject to potential modifications. When users sign up for the app, they are prompted to answer personality-related questions.

These questions gauge traits such as introversion or extroversion, aggression or peacefulness, and whether one tends to be easygoing or intense.

By collecting this information, Teaser aims to tailor the AI interactions to align with each individual’s unique personality traits.

Through a combination of personality-related questions and the manner in which users interact while using the app, Teaser’s AI endeavors to emulate the user’s persona. Before engaging in conversation with the AI representation of a potential match, users are presented with a notice stating, “Our AI might say some crazy shit.”

This warning is included to acknowledge the possibility of unexpected or unconventional responses from the AI, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the interactions and ensuring users are aware of the potential for unique and unconventional conversations.

Anna, 28, mentions in her profile that she is a proud “dog mom,” indicating that she has a canine companion. However, during my conversation with her AI counterpart, I discover that she actually has a human child who is also 28 years old. Strange, no?

Upon my observation, it appears that Teaser, like many dating apps, has a larger male user base compared to female users.

When I narrow down my preferences to “women only” and expand my age range and location radius to the maximum, the number of potential dates that I come across is disappointingly limited.

However, determined to continue my experiment, I engage in conversations with the AI counterparts of these individuals. Surprisingly, I notice that the AI representations of women can sometimes exhibit peculiar behaviour or responses that feel somewhat disconnected.

Conversely, some AI representations of men tend to delve into discussions about the novels they aspire to write, mirroring the experiences one may encounter while dating real-life men.

The Teaser has implemented a limitation where users can only exchange a maximum of five consecutive messages with their AI counterparts. This restriction serves the dual purpose of preventing users from becoming overly attached to the AI and also helps to manage server costs.

Additionally, the app has implemented measures to ensure that conversations with its AI remain appropriate.

For instance, when attempts are made to initiate overly intimate or explicit discussions (yes, we had to test it), the AI deliberately fails to generate a response, maintaining a boundary to maintain a safe and respectful environment.

Although Teaser AI prominently features “AI” in its name and relies on generative AI technology as a distinguishing factor from other dating apps, CEO Daniel Liss prefers to position Teaser as an anti-ghosting dating app rather than emphasizing its AI capabilities. While the use of AI is a core component of the app’s functionality, Liss’s focus is on addressing the prevalent issue of ghosting in online dating by promoting engagement and meaningful conversations.

By shifting the marketing narrative to emphasize its anti-ghosting features, Teaser aims to provide users with a more interactive and engaging dating experience rather than solely highlighting its AI-driven nature.

During an interview with a reputable news source, Daniel Liss explained that Teaser represents a shift towards a new dating ethos. While AI plays a significant role in facilitating certain aspects of the app, Liss believes that the primary focus should be on the overall dating experience rather than solely highlighting the AI technology.

He emphasized that the conversation surrounding Teaser should begin with the innovative approach to dating and the unique features it offers, with the AI aspect being a secondary consideration.

Teaser limits the number of matches, or “picks,” users can have to just 16, encouraging active engagement and conversations.

Additionally, users are assigned a “ghost” rating, indicating the likelihood of them abruptly ceasing communication (commonly known as ghosting) rather than expressing disinterest openly.

Teaser, the innovative dating app developed by Dispo, offers a unique approach to online dating. By incorporating generative AI technology and implementing features such as limited matches and ghost ratings, Teaser encourages users to actively engage in conversations and foster meaningful connections.

While AI plays a significant role behind the scenes, the focus is on creating a new dating ethos and providing an anti-ghosting environment.

Teaser aims to enhance the overall dating experience, facilitating authentic connections between individuals and promoting open communication.

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Updated June 12, 2023
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