MagSafe Is The Biggest Reason To Buy An iPhone 12

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: October 16, 2020

Recently, Apple gave
permission to the iPhone users to reimagine their iOS 14 home screen,entirely, with app icons and custom widgets, after which teens have gone to extreme lengths to
customize their full phone with Harry Potter and Marvel themes.

There have been several
apps such as Widgetsmith that allow us to do the same.
However, with MagSafe, Apple has
truly gone full-blazing.

Today, you see so many
cases with claws that hold your phone edges, but as far as magnets are
concerned, they’re less painful to your phone corners. Hence, MagSafe cases are easily stackable with MagSafe charger and other similar accessories. Also, you may attach multiple accessories at once.

Have you ever needed to
return a case just because the wireless charger failed to beam the power
through the case? This is more of a special case but it does hamper your
ability to show off your personality.

MagSafe essentially
means that your phone’s case and its charging as well as attachment points
aren’t packaged. On the contrary, every phone case can be designed in a way
that it easily transmits wireless power.

You shouldn’t limit
your imagination and try all kinds of accessories. For example, DJI’s Osmo
Mobile 4 motorized smartphone stabilizer that has a detachable magnetic mount
helping you to easily pop off your smartphone with a single pinch. Yes, you still
need to connect the claw mount of Osmo’s to your phone and remove as soon as you’re

But how about we tell
you that it can directly be connected to your new iPhone?

Of course, it all
depends on the Apple magnets’ strength. Ring holders and PopSockets don’t
reliably work if it’s conveniently easy to pop them off your phone. Magnets
aren’t proprietary on their own so it isn’t exactly in Apple’s control.

The marketing videos of Apple have shown us that iPhone has the ability to react after detecting its official accessories, and as far as MagSafe is concerned, it only provides
charging speed along with certified charging pads.

It’s strange to see
Apple giving off revenue quite easily. This could actually be a new reboot for the accessories ecosystem of Apple. It offers ease when charging the phone at
bedtime, and honestly, it’s a good reason to buy an iPhone
this year!


Updated October 16, 2020
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