Logitech and Herman Miller Introduce Embody Gaming Chair

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  • POSTED ON: July 24, 2020

The chair marks the first collaboration between the companies.

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Along with the value of nature, eating out with friends, and travelling, this pandemic has also taught us the importance of a good chair! Since we all are restricted to our homes and managing the work remotely, the most common home-based activity involves spending the entire day sitting on a chair in front of the laptop.  

So naturally, if you develop some severe lower back or neck pain, then don’t blame your work, blame the chair!

Speaking of pain, nobody can truly understand the torture of sitting on a single chair all day and night than a gamera itself! Well, all your miseries have now been answered!

Herman Miller, a company known for producing luxurious office-chairs, has collaborated with Logitech to make the Embody Gaming chair. It’s fair to say that the chair is typically a Herman Miller’s product, consisting of all the exclusive features-style, comfort, high-end model, gorgeous and their overly expensive $1,495 gaming chair price tag.

The latest model has a few changes as compared to the previous version, both in style and color, currently available in all-black color with some elegant blue details. The chair also offers a cooling sensation with a copper-infused foam embedded in its black cushion.

No, it’s not like any other typical gaming chair. It’s more stylish and makes you feel like you’re sitting in a fast and furious car.

Herman Miller claims that it brings some noteworthy changes in your physiology while you game. Not only this, the chair will also help control your heart rate, especially for those who love playing nerve-wracking games. It has around 150 small supports to regulate the blood flow around all your body parts that are otherwise get pressed in other chairs like legs, butt and lower back.

You can adjust the angle of back-support through a twistable knob at the back of the chair. Turning counterclockwise leans a chair a bit back while twisting it clockwise straightens a chair forward so that you can limber while playing any edgy games.

If you’re wondering that the Embody gaming chair would give you any super gaming skills, like why not the $1,495 worth of price tag should offer something, if not nothing, right? Well, TBH, gaming products rarely give any immediate impact. But as far as comfort and styling are concerned, the Embody gaming chair takes the lead.

Sitting for hours on a chair is torture regardless, but with better features and comfort levels, the experience can be different from the Embody gaming chair. Once you use it, it will be hard to get over it.

Updated July 24, 2020
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