KFConsole: Five Incredible Features That Will Blow Your Mind and Warm Your Chicken!

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  • POSTED ON: December 23, 2020

Are you as intrigued as us by KFC’s magnificent entry to the video game console space? According to the promotional website of KFConsole, this is going to be the first console ever to introduce a functional “chicken chamber” to the world.

Apparently, this console can be used as a chicken fryer while simultaneously playing games like I Love You Colonel Sanders. In addition, a Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator is also part of the exclusive package for this fast food chain’s machine.

If you’ve had eaten at Kentucky Fried Chicken, you’d already know that the food chain is not alien to the gaming world either. In fact, its social media accounts comprise of faming parodies highlighting the expertise of Colonel Sanders within the fast food community.

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KFC first announced the visual novel last September on Steam, where over 8,000 reviewers left positive ratings. When you come to think of it, KFC has never backed down from stepping into new territories and starting bizarre business ventures. Like, who can forget its recent collaboration with the network Lifetime – A Recipe for Seduction? Come on, you can’t forget it, because Mario Lopez starred in it!

Anyway, KFC has revealed further details regarding this new console in town, and apparently, KFC is also working on PC manufacturer Cooler Master alongside it. It is being suggested that this gaming device is powered by Intel Core i9 processor as well as two Seagate 1TB SSDs!

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Furthermore, we’re hearing that there’s an Asus GPU in the books along with the hot-swapping graphic cards so that the console remains relevant and upgraded when it comes to games. There are also rumors indicating that the KFConsole supports the ray tracing, which is a virtual reality game, with 240 frames per second on support titles. We’ll also be able to acquire a smooth 4K output to monitors as well as TVs.

You can say that this console acts similar to a Steam Machine if you compare it to an Xbox, but the compact design looks fitting with players plopping to play it in their living room. We’re still not informed on the release and/or price of this machine. Moreover, nobody has revealed if this device would come with some sort of PC-like support.

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Another technical question that makes the list is whether or not gamers need to clean out the chicken chamber periodically, because just think about it, the grease that KFC's typical meal leaves behind is plenty.

Speaking of which, do you know that KFC nuggets will now be 3D printed in a Russian lab!

So many companies are currently investing in KFConsole, so it makes sense if the company launches the device soon. But here’s what we are wondering: Is it going to be a promotional strategy where only the PR receives the device, or is it going to be some form of a contest?

And another factor that will contribute to the success of the KFConsole is its initial price and rating. Would they put it up on a sale price in the first few days? How many batches of KFConsole stock will be there? Wouldn’t it be unfortunate if the stock is limited? We’ll certainly be upset!

We don’t know if KFC is looking at this new venture as a proper business outlook which they’d promote and expand in the future. What do you think? Is it a business worth pursuing? But look, whatever maybe the decision, we’re sure that this promotional strategy is going down in history as the most bizarre attempt to make the public eat fried chicken.

If you go back in time to June, you’d remember how KFC had teased the global audience and had promised that it would announce its new gaming console by the 12th of November. Well, now we know that it never happened. But hey, we’re more than halfway through December, and we now know a bunch of details.

Let’s face it, the business association between KFC and Cooler Master is an interesting one. Who would have thought that, one day, a gaming console would look like a chicken bucket with a black finish and an electable tray for chicken? It’s strange to see a power button below the tray that would glow in red.

The KFConsole is especially designed to redirect the heat from the device to cool off the chicken in the patented chicken chamber. We also discovered that there’s an Intel NUC 9 inside the console that will protect the customized cooler master NC100 chassis.

So far, KFC hasn’t given details related to the RAM, GPU, and ports. We’ll most likely hear more about this brand new KFConsole early next year. We hope that the KFConsole is out for public use by next year.

You can check out videos online to get the recipe to make the best ranch chicken cheese dip to go with your fried chicken. The best thing about this new KFConsole is that it gives you an awesome deep flavor only if you give heat to the chicken.

What are your thoughts on the new KFConsole and its incredible features? Do let us know!

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Updated December 23, 2020
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