Intel’s Thunderbolt 4 Will Raise The Bar For USB C Devices

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: July 10, 2020

Latest news from Intel is that it will be launching Thunderbolt 4 connection standard along with USB4 specification.

Thunderbolt will supposedly have a 40Gbps speed and Intel is apparently offering high video and data requirements to support multi-port hubs. Now the Thunderbolt 4 computers will be mandated to support either the two 4K displays or the one with the 8K display as well as the PCIe data transfer speeds of up to 3Gbps. Furthermore, the new standard will allow Thunderbolt 4 docks and monitors with around four Thunderbolt 4 ports, which is an upgrade because Thunderbolt 3 could only allow 3. Of course, you can use Thunderbolt 3 accessories with Thunderbolt 4.

To make the experience more enjoyable, Intel has added stricter hardware requirements for Thunderbolt laptops.

Thunderbolt 4 has actually gone big instead of going home and that’s why it has added no complexity and has been up and fair about the operation and functions of it. Thunderbolt cables and accessories are slightly more costly than USB-C cables because of higher hardware demands.

The computer and accessories along with Thunderbolt 4 ports will be launched later this year.

Updated July 10, 2020
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