“Instagram Top Nine Posts’ Tips, Tricks and Tools to Create The Most Professional ‘Top 9’ Year in Review

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  • POSTED ON: January 1, 2021

At New Year’s Eve,
everybody’s Instagram feeds are filled with only one thing – the top nine grids
of their most liked photographs from the year. However, to get this grid in
place, every Instagram user will be turning to shady third-party apps and
websites. This is the third year in a row when a trend has reemerged, but
bafflingly, Instagram has not found an automated way to curate the top nine images
within the app.

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Suppose you’re an
active user of social media. In that case, it’s impossible that you don’t
participate in this trend, after all, isn’t it an unspoken rule to join every
bandwagon that materializes on the internet? And just think about it, this
trend is much better than the other trends that we often find ourselves exposed
to. It’s actually a wholesome way to take time and look back to our past.

The emotions caused by
this casual and brief regression vary – some feel elevated and pleased by the
throwback of productive days and major milestones meanwhile others may feel
overwhelmed with grief and sadness due to the remembrance of a lost one of
failed opportunity.

The point here is that
Instagram users enjoy putting together the collages of their best posts. The
portal already offers grid tools for Stories along with carried layouts. As a
matter of fact, it does have access to data.

In comparison, the
latest Spotify trend has gauged our attention – it dominated the entire month
of December as users continued to show off their
most streamed songs of the year along with other statistics. Instagram must take notice of this and
compete by allowing users to show off their music palate through Stories.

While discussing
Instagram competitors, how can we forget its alibi, Facebook? Facebook is
actually known for utilizing the algorithms to compile year-in-a-review videos
for its users. So, we wonder why Instagram has not elevated its game, because
clearly, the automating option of “top nine” posts is a no-brainer.

Since the trend is not
slowing down after everyone is recharged after December global holidays, third-party apps are skyrocketing on the app store charts.
Usually, these apps or services demand personal information, like an email
address. Sometimes, these sites even demand on plastering the images with
hideous logos and watermarks.

Come to think of it –
It really shouldn’t be a big deal for Instagram to organize and smoothen this
process and fix the problems faced while using third-party apps. Perhaps, next

Anyway, if your
Instagram is flooded with Top 9 images and you wish to indulge and share your Instagram Top 9 posts, we’ve got some ideas for you. Stop wondering how you can create a
collage of your best nine Instagram snaps of 2020 (the best-known year for the
pandemic, if you know what we mean) because we’ve provided the hack below!

Okay, the most obvious
choice for you to create your Instagram Top 9 posts by utilizing BetaLabs. The
official website for the Top 9 trend is topnine.co, so you simply need to go
directly to the page and provide Instagram details. You must know that this
website is the real deal as it’s also available on Google PlayStore and Apple
App. Thus, don’t fall prey to the bogus sites as there are many!

To protect users from
these fake implants, the creators of Top Nine launched CreatorKit service. This
service can be useful to the users as it offers other tools as well. Again, on
this site, all you need to do is enter your Instagram details. In case you’re
finding difficulty you can go its FAQ page as it provides a complete guideline.

The page reads: “This year we decided to make Top Nine
part of the CreatorKit platform, so you can also use our powerful video editor
to create videos with your Top Nine photos and videos of 2020.

important factor was that many clones claiming to be the original Top Nine were
posing a security and privacy risk, unknowingly using a fake tool thinking it’s
our Top Nine tool.”

The website also
highlights the issues that have emerged due to bogus websites.

receive messages from people saying that after they used our app, their
Instagram account username has been “hacked”, deleted, or modified. In
fact, they were unknowingly using a fake tool, thinking it’s our Top Nine tool.
That’s one of the reasons why we chose to make it under the CreatorKit
platform, on CreatorKit.com/TopNine.”

Hence, the idea is to enjoy
all these amazing social media trends without compromising personal information
or falling prey to hacking and other dangers.

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Hope you’ve understood
how to produce your best ‘top 9’ year images on Instagram. The tricks provided
above will hopefully help you produce Instagram’s “top nine” roundups with ease.
Happy New Year!


Updated January 1, 2021
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