Halo Infinite: Watch 8 Minutes Of Gameplay

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  • POSTED ON: July 27, 2020

Finally, Halo Infinite gameplay is here now, and it looks waaay better at 60fps!

The game franchise has long been praised as the ultimate Xbox Series X game, planned to launch along with the console later this holiday! However, Halo Infinite has still been surrounded with thousands of uncertainties, with developer 343 industries juggling with an ocean of expectations, disappointments and excitement!

The first Halo Infinite gameplay footage, of entire eight minutes, will surely clear all your doubts and questions one may have. It looks pretty promising for the gaming franchise and a passionate bet from 343 Industries.  

Check out here:

An aesthetically-cinematic trailer begins the Xbox Series Xbox display overnight; however, that’s not the thing gamers were looking for. Players wanted Master Chief in action, and precisely what they just got with a fully-covered action demo in the trailer.

Though there was no multiplayer and that’s okay! The gaming community is already hyped seeing Halo Infinite and Master Chief at their full glory!

Halo Infinite also added various guns, and few of them were also displayed throughout the gameplay video. It includes a plasma pistol, bulldog shotgun with a drum mag, a pulse carbine, mangler pistol, assault rifle, a simple pistol, a battle rifle having a vector-like diagonal magazine and a ravager covenant weapon.

According to 343 industries, the latest equipment in addition to other new weapons provide more flexibility and freedom to players and help them showcase their playstyles.

Also, the new additions of the sandbox can be carried over to multiplayer. They will work a bit differently and as equipment items which can be picked up using the map. We will be talking about multiplayer details soon.

343 Industries also introduced a new “halo ring”, which the company says that it’s going to be more extravagant than the previous two Halo games combined.

It also revealed that with halo infinite, players can now have a lot more freedom to explore the sprawling Halo ring. The game demo is just a small portion of the expansive and open world we have built to deliver an epic and incredible Master Chief experience. The scale of the accessible environment to players is a lot larger than the last two games (combined) with different opportunities to explore hidden rewards.

The rumours that have been circulating so far have now been confirmed: Master Chief will indeed have a seizing look!

Halo Infinite is scheduled to debut on Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X later this year!

Updated July 27, 2020
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