Google Messages May Finally Be Adding End-To-End Encryption For RCS

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: May 25, 2020

According to 9to5 Google, Google might be adding end-to-end encryption for RCS as an attempt to update Google messages. RCS abbreviates Rich Communication Services and is the successor to SMS messaging. RCS follows the same rituals as other messaging apps but it doesn’t follow through end-to-end encryption like Signal and iMessage.

In 2018, Google had unmasked RCS chat as Android’s principle texting platform and by November, it had rolled out to its users in the US.

Not enough information is available to understand whether the sender and recipient of the text messages would need the app to acquire the end-to-end encryption or not. However, the codes do suggest that there might be an option available that could permit the users to decide for themselves. Thus, they can choose which app can or cannot access the encrypted messages.

It seems like things are still floating at the surface as Google hasn’t announced when the end-to-end encryption feature will be shipped off. However, the option will likely be available to all users as the company has reassured that it’s working on it.

Updated May 25, 2020
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