Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx are collecting more customer data than they appear to be

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: May 2, 2020

If you thought that Zoom was the only app prying on you, then watch out for Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Google Meet as they’ve been doing some shady stuff all along.

To be precise, Consumer Reports who leaked this information haven’t accused other apps of being unsafe, but users must know that by agreeing to the privacy policies of these services, you allow them to gain access to personal data that you may not be conscious of. As per the reports, all three companies reserve the right to gather data from your phone calls. This includes how long the call lasts, you who are you conversing with, and the IP addresses of both the parties involved in the activity.

Source: Tom’s Guide

Since the rise of the pandemic, people have become more reliable on these videoconferencing services, as a result of which, more scrutiny and criticism is making waves. Although the concerns highlighted by Consumer Report regarding the security issues of these services are not as serious as the ones overlooked by Zoom, they are definitely valid and apt for debate.

It is actually a matter of concern that not all companies share the specificities regarding the details on what data they collect.

All three services have confirmed that they only assist participants in recording videos or transcripts upon requests and that none of these videos is used for advertorial business.

Updated May 2, 2020
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