Facebook Goes Dark On Mobiles

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: June 29, 2020

After the successful launch of the dark mode for the desktop interface, Facebook is now gearing up to test the dark mode for its mobile users.

SocialMedia Today has revealed that the dark mode is made available to a small fragment of Facebook users. The intention is to cut down on the glare, especially in low-light environments. However, there’s no official announcement regarding when this mode will be accessible to all users.

When you come to think of it, Facebook is quite late to the party considering WhatsApp and Instagram have already gone on dark mode for quite some time now. Twitter already has a super famous dark mode for both Android and iOS apps. In fact, even Google launched a dark mode for its app earlier this year. So, why did Facebook wait for so long to join the bandwagon?

Source: Tech News

Low-light and dark mode options allow users to elevate their experience. This way, they can change the backdrop and color of the app.

It’s not only easy to use but also aesthetically pleasing. But the best advantage that this dark mode has to offer is that it preserves the battery life of the device to a large degree. 

Updated June 29, 2020
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