Facebook Bans Several QAnon Groups For Violating Its Hate Speech Policies

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 10, 2020

group known as Official QAnon on Facebook, with around 200,000 members was removed by Facebook as it violated its policies on misinformation, bullying, hate
speech, and harassment. A number of posts were first taken down by the website
and soon the group itself. It is being reported that 
Facebook is also monitoring
the activities of other QAnon groups.

image credit: NBC News

this is a group that believes and propagates a theory that Donald Trump is planning secretly to arrest a well-recognized and a high-profile Democratic politician as well as
some celebrities for paedophilia or cannibalism. These groups are spreading this
conspiracy theory and have managed to earn a lot of support from the
republicans. What’s more worrying is the fact that many of these QAnon followers
are accused of acts of violence.

same occurrences happened back in April and Facebook has removed those groups
on the basis of “coordinated inauthentic behavior”.  In the past, Facebook has removed 20 accounts, five pages and 66 groups as they were connected to people who were related to the network of QAnon and were spreading various fringe conspiracy theories.

the situation is the same on Twitter because last month this social media
platform cracked down more than 7000 QAnon accounts and it’s followed as well. In
fact, the action was taken against approximately 150,000 users under the same
violation. The social media site has said that it has and will continue to
block QAnon-related links.

addition, Roku has pulled a QAnon channel whereas Reddit has put a ban on the
QAnon as it violated its policies against promoting harassment, violence, and personal information dissemination. This is not it – even TikTok has
blocked numerous QAnon-associated hashtags.

Updated August 10, 2020
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