Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop Will Not Transport as Many People as Promised

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: October 20, 2020

Elon Musk’s Boring Company of systemic tunnels— that was supposed to shuttle people under the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC)— won’t actually transport the number of people it initially promised. This isn’t just disappointing news but it’s also financially damaging for the company. 

The problem isn’t the technology but the fire regulations. One of the three loading zones set up for the tunnel network is called the Convention Center Loop, and it allows roughly 800 passengers at a time. Hence, if that applies to the rest of the loading zones, the Loop will serve about a quarter of what was earlier promised: hitting just about 1200 people per hour.

We’re unsure as to why the original plan didn’t see the light of day.

The Boring Company would have to face financial losses if it is unable to shuttle as many people as it promised. Apparently, the consequences would be worth $13 million! In addition, the company would be penalized $300,000 after every trade show that is unable to move the average of 3,960 passengers per hour for 13 hours straight, and will go up to a maximum order of $4.5 million fine.

Furthermore, the Loop is way behind schedule;it has planned on completing the system by the 1st of October, but as far as we know, the shuttle will open in “maybe a month or so”.

In the Las Vegas Loop, the passengers are set to ride in Tesla Model Xs, Model 3S, and the modified Model 3, which apparently holds up to 16 passengers at a time. They’ll also travel through these tunnels at 155 miles per hours. The company originally unveiled the first draft of tunneling system back in 2018.


Updated October 20, 2020
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