Doom Sucks on Nintendo’s Game and Watch

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  • POSTED ON: November 24, 2020

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It’s a strange observation but don’t you think that people are just hell-bent on porting Doom to literally every gaming device on the planet? In fact, you may find a Tumblr blog that is purely dedicated to this unique pleasure. The latest entry to the long list of gaming devices is Nintendo Game & Watch. At least, you will find it on the re-release version.

The game that was originally released in Japan in 1980 and it launched the d-pad controller to the world, it was Nintendo’s first big economic success! To celebrate its 35th anniversary, Nintendo re-launched the hardware, and of course, this has given an opportunity to the hackers to try different techs and games on the device. 

YouTuberStacksmashing got Doom eternal Nintendo switch running on the Nintendo, but he did make a couple of compromises to ensure successful porting. Like, he removed several textures and decreased the screen resolution. Furthermore, he has to disable the sound. But hey, the game was playing at the end of the day!

The Game & Watch was originally designed to have three games but this YouTuber managed to port Doom on it after showing a lot of patience. To make this happen, he played the game at a decreased speed than normal and simplified the game steps. Oh, if you think that getting far ahead in the game was easy, you’re wrong. Programmers Stackshaming and Konrad Beckmann had to trick the device so as to offload the firmware and inject different set of codes into the external storage, which can be accessed through the device’s tiny microcontroller.

And another major problem was the size of Doom. Thus, they had to make a lot to effort to find a version of Doom that was the perfect size for Game & Watch’s storage. They found a package known as Minimal Doom IWAD which is a replacement for the games original textures and is basically a simplified version. And after all of this, they were left with only 1.1 MB of usable storage so they also disabled the sound.

Game & Watch was originally designed to run Nintendo’s original games – Nintendo’s NES classic, Super Mario Bros, and Super Mario Bros. 2. You may also work Mario-themed game of Game Ball. Initially, Doom’s demon-slaying action game wasn’t part of the Nintendo console until SNES released. This achievement is quite impressive, we must say!

Doom is actually a standby for programmers who love to experiment.  You can find it in Samsung refrigerator where it can run iCloud and in Window PC which is built in Minecraft. It can also be found in the Touch Bar of MacBook Pro.

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Updated November 24, 2020
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