December Global Holidays| A Surprise Addition to Google Doodle 2020 Roundup!

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Google Doodle tribute on Google homepage is a
creative expression through which the search engine’s homepage celebrates
special holidays, noteworthy figures, and anniversaries of significant events. For
instance, one of the Google Doodles in 2020 included several doodles of
gratitude dedicated to the doctors, researchers, and essential workers to honor
them for their resilience during the pandemic.

Following we’ve
provided the 2020 Google Doodle roundup!


January 2020: Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2020

On January 20th,
Google displayed an illustration by Atlanta-based guest artist Dr Fahamu
Pecou. The doodle was dedicated to Doctor Martin Luther King, to celebrate his
honor and name and the glory it carries.

As you know, Marti
Luther was a civil rights icon who wanted a world where everybody was treated
equally, regardless of race, gender, wealth, etc. Today he is considered to be
a legendary figure as he boycotted the Supreme Court’s decision to segregate on
busses – an unconstitutional verdict.

The man was highly
principled as he traveled across the country to advocate for justice and access
to public health and other services. He managed to give over 2,500 speeches in
his lifetime. He also fought for Voting Rights in 1965.


February 2020: Lantern Festival 2020

Google celebrated
Lantern Festival on the first full moon of the year 2020. This is a festival in
Taiwan where locals illuminate Taiwan and shine a light to manifest good luck and
prosperity in the coming year.

Taiwan incorporated
this ancient tradition with their native Pingxi Sky Lantern as well as Yanshui
Fireworks Festivals; this helped in creating one of the most popular events
in the country. From adults to young children, everyone is seen participating in and observing this beautiful tradition in Taiwan!


March 2020: International Women’s Day 2020

Every year,
International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March. This
year was no different as women from every part of the world came out in
celebration (and some, in protest) to fight for equal rights and empower women.

Google showed full
participation and celebrated women coming together – across generations – in an
interesting animated video.

The 3D paper Mandela
animation was illustrated by New York and London based artists Julie Wilkinson
and Joyanna Horscroft. It represented the outstanding celebration and
significance of women from all over the world and from every generation. The
idea was to celebrate womanhood and acknowledge their power and existence, to
bash the preconceived boundaries for women, and redefine womanhood and reclaim


April 2020: Thank you, public health workers and researchers, in the scientific community

2020 was the year when
the world went on a standstill. COVID-19 continued to impact cities around the
world and that put a tremendous amount of pressure on essential workers. There
were lockdowns imposed and economies diminished. People all over the world were
coming closer, and to acknowledge and honor the commitment shown by healthcare
providers, Google came up with this doodle as a gesture of gratitude and


May 2020: Margaret Lin Xavier Celebration

Margaret Lin Xavier is
known as the first female doctor of Thailand, and so, Google decided to
celebrate her 122nd birthday. In the 1920s, the popular medical
pioneer started her very first clinic and provided medical services to needy persons. She was born in Bangkok in 1989, and her father used to work in
government in the foreign affairs department.

She got her medical
degree from the London School of Medicine for Women and came back to Thailand to
mark her services. She also worked for the recognized Thai
Red Cross as an obstetrician. She then provided services to those who were not able to afford the care.


June 2020: Dragon Boat Festival 2020

This celebration
started 2000 years ago and it honors all the unique traditions and customs that
are celebrated across Asia. Some of the most popular customs include the dragon
boat races in which teams compete in colorful boats.

The race is a divine
spectacle! People from all around the world
come together to compete and celebrate this interesting event, and Google Doodle simply used this art to
acknowledge that.


4July 2020: Fourth of July 2020

Of course, this is the
birthday of the greatest nation in the world! While the citizens of the USA spend
time with family and friends and celebrate this day with fireworks and
delicious food, Google Doodle uses this time, every year, to display a
beautiful illustration.


August 2020: Wear a mask. Save lives.

The problems we faced
this year were unique: we had a pandemic that showed no signs of composure due
to which millions of people lost their lives. With no vaccine in hand and
hospital beds filling up, healthcare providers had their hands full. So,
governments created SOPs that were to be followed worldwide, including wearing
face masks.

However, many people
didn’t follow the instructions and participated in spreading the disease and
making the situation worse. Thus, as a reminder, Google Doodle came up with
this unique artwork.


September 2020: Labor Day 2020

Labor Day is celebrated
every year in the first week of September. The day is dedicated to honor the
laborers of countless professions that give structure and shape to our society.
On this day, people from around the world extend their gratitude and praise
their effort.


October 2020: Hangul Day 2020

On this day, the
invention of Korea’s alphabet called Hangul is celebrated. The alphabet was
first introduced in 1446 by the Choson dynasty. And you know what? It’s been
over 500 years and it’s still considered to a remarkable achievement because
it’s the only 24-letter alphabet in the writing system in the entire world.


November 2020: Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving is
celebrated on the last Thursday of November every year by Americans. They do so
by sharing special meals and spending time with their family, acknowledging the
privileges of their life and showing gratitude.

Hence, like every year,
Google Doodle displayed a wonderful artwork to reflect the true spirit of the


December 2020: Celebrating Noken Papua

And finally, today
Google Doodle displayed a beautiful illustration by Danu Fitra. The
illustration celebrates Noken which is a craft of traditional handmade bags
that reflect the socio-economic significance all over Indonesia. These bags are
made of tree fiber, barks, and leaves. Hence, the artwork celebrates the
intricate Indonesian culture!

Which Google Doodle is
your favorite? Also, don’t forget to check out December Global Holidays by Google Doodle and find out how December Google Doodle is making it interesting and different this year!


Updated December 4, 2020
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