Coronavirus Encourages Remote Work At Apple Global Offices

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: March 9, 2020

As of today, 110,337 cases of coronavirus have been identified out of which 3,831 have already been pronounced dead. Although 62,397 profiles have been treated effectively, the chaos resulted due to this epidemic is astonishing.

The virus has affected more than 109 countries, with China, South Korea, Italy, and Iran having the highest account of cases. The situation has gotten to the point where Japan has closed down schools for a month. France and Iraq have banned all public events. Italy has, in fact, banned the weddings and funerals of approximately 16 million people – it’s quite a stretch, to be honest. And the United Nations has postponed all the physical meetings related to climate change.  

So, understanding the unprecedented circumstances, the CEO of Apple has announced that availability of remote working possibilities. Bloomberg reports that Tim Cook has encouraged international employees to “please feel free to work remotely if your job allows from 9th to 13th March.”

Source: Teletrader

Source: Los Angeles Times

Cook has sent out a memo to the employees working in California and Seattle offices that are comprised of “revised work from home policies”. The aim is to make “a major effort to reduce human density”.

Apart from Seattle and California, Apple’s corporate offices in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, and the UK have also been informed.  

Updated March 9, 2020
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