Classic Facebook’s Web Design Is Set To Disappear In September

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: August 24, 2020

Facebook’s “classic” web design, with the iconic blue navigation bar, is set to vanish for better in September. Facebook has recently updated his support page, saying that there’s a new web design coming up for everyone.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t had enough with the old web design you can revert to it on Facebook’s site. However, it is only going to last till September as Facebook warns that conventional Facebook won’t be available right from September.

image credit: Daily Express

The new web design was launched at Facebook’s developer conference in 2019 and began rolling out on iOS and Android’s apps. Later in March, it was released extensively on desktop as an opt-in feature, allowing users to continue enjoying the previous design if they like.

However, in September, all users have to bid their final goodbyes to the old ‘classic’ Facebook’s web design, as it is going to disappear for good.

This latest interface is a massive change as Facebook has used the old one most of the time since its inception. The new design has white space, a lot cleaner and also has a darker mode.

This new interface features the service’s Group more prominently, along with placing the links to Facebook’s Watch, Marketplace and Gaming sections on its top navigation bar.

It’s a wholesome update compared to the jumbled look of yore. It’s going to be hard for those who have recently rejoined Facebook after abandoning their accounts for some years.

Updated August 24, 2020
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