Can Google’s Pixel Fold Challenge Apple’s IPhone 15 Dominance?

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  • POSTED ON: May 5, 2023

From Motorola‘s iconic flip phones to Samsung‘s latest folds, the technology has indeed come a long way! Further, with Apple taking over the world with its yearly updates, can Android’s new face, i.e., Google Pixel Fold, challenge iPhone’s dominance?

Though Samsung and Apple have always been top competitors in the mobile market. It doesn’t mean that others can’t run in the race! Thus, it’s been a while since Google has been trying to take the lead, even if it means collaborating with Samsung.

The company is already popular for its camera pro pixel phones and positive responses. However, with the news of the iPhone 15 breaking out and Google following the steps by finding various ways to promote the new Fold, we’re sensing a battle between both!

But before we jump into this tech war of trojan, let’s see what Pixel Fold has to offer.


Pixel Fold: A Peek At The Overall Design

Our first thought, yes, it’s similar to Samsung’s Fold and Flip series. However, the dimensions are similar to Oppo’s recent Fold and Microsoft’s long-forgotten Surface Duo. Then there’s an admirable slim back and Android widgets on the folding screen.

Can Google’s Pixel Fold Challenge Apple’s IPhone 15 Dominance?
Google Pixel Fold – Credits: Google

Finishing & Screen Dimensions

The chrome finishing is a bit cliché now. But no one has said that it looks any less appealing. Overall, the phone’s design is still similar to previous Pixel phones. Further, power and volume buttons are on the metal edge, and speaker grilles are at the top.

But our main focus is on the phone’s dimensions and front screen. Also, the finishing touches on the slab are quite similar to the iPhone’s old models.

The Display

Further, when talking about the display, the phone has an OLED display with 7.6 inches inner screen. Plus, with the dimensions 2,208 x 1,840, Pixel’s both inner and outer screens can support a 120Hz refresh rate.


Pixel Fold’s camera bar is similar to the previous models with rear-facing lenses. Though there’s no visible internal camera, we’re leaving this one as an element of surprise. However, if you’re straight-up interested in general figures just like us, the phone has a 48MP main camera with a 0.8μm pixel width, ƒ/1.7 aperture, and a 0.5 inches sensor size.

Fingerprint Sensor & Battery

Moving on, like Samsung’s Z Fold, this one also has a mounted fingerprint sensor. The battery will be around 4,500mAh with a charging speed of 23W, and the type C charger port is expected.

Can Google’s Pixel Fold Challenge Apple’s IPhone 15 Dominance?
Google Pixel Fold – Credits: Google


Now, if we talk about the prices, Google hasn’t said much about that. Still, some have hinted it to be between $1,300 to $1,500. There are expected to be two variations, i.e., 256Gb and 512Gb.

Since Google has always been exceptional at gathering trending features, we can’t expect a price drop anytime soon.

News About IPhone 15; What’s The Deal?

Though Pixel Fold is ready to hit the markets by 12th May. IPhone 15 has extended the arrival date till September with 4 models, just like the last time. The list includes affordable iPhone 15 and 15 Plus with larger batteries, the Pro with exceptional features, and, best of all, the 15 Pro Max.

Like the other Android updates, the 15 series will also feature Type-C charging ports and everyone’s favorite Dynamic Island feature.

Can Google’s Pixel Fold Challenge Apple’s IPhone 15 Dominance?
Iphone 15 – Credits: Apple Inc


A discussion on iPhones is always incomplete without mentioning their breathtaking camera features. Thus, the 15 and 15 Plus models are expected to have a dual rear camera system. While on the other hand, the Pro series will have a triple camera system. But what’s more exciting is that the Pro will have the same 3X zoom feature. However, the Pro Max will have a 5-6X zoom periscope lens.

The Exciting Rumor

As per the news, some experts have also hinted at replacing the physical power and volume keys with haptic buttons. But we’re not 100% sure about that.

About The Pricing

It’s too soon to make that call, but the expected prices are around $799 for 128 GB, $899 for 256 Gb and $999 for 512 GB.

Samsung’s Participation In This Battle

Though the battle is between Google Pixel Fold and iPhone 15, it doesn’t mean that Samsung can’t have fun! The news of Google collaborating with Samsung is circulating over the entire internet, and we’re here to see how it goes.

Further, while Pixel Fold is ready to make an entrance, people can also expect the awaited 7A between the 11th and 12th of May, 2023. Though this model was announced a year ago, can we call this a surprise competitor for iOS?

Our Take: Calm Down!

Android vs iOS isn’t new. However, with the iPhone sharing the people’s most in-demand status, it wouldn’t take long for other Android phones to adopt similar features. Though we aren’t and won’t be taking any side. We suggest taking time before considering your options. So, Google Pixel Fold or iPhone 15? What’s going to be your preference?

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Updated May 5, 2023
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