BTS Just Dropped Its First Ever English Language Song ‘Dynamite’

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  • POSTED ON: August 24, 2020

International ARMY can now have something to memorize by heart!

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K-pop supergroup BTS breaks new ground, and even the pandemic can’t stop them! 

On Friday midnight, 21 August, the all-boys band dropped their latest single’s music video, “Dynamite, and the internet went crazy… Not because the video is intensely adorable but also that the Korean band BTS sang it totally in the English language for the first time!

It took only five hours for BTS and the fun pop number to roll up more than 45 million views on their latest video on Youtube. And the number keeps on increasing… As of writing, BTS’s Dynamite has become THE MOST VIEWED youtube video in 24 hours.

The video is not as dynamite as it may sound, but it is full of pastel color palette while the adorable BTS boys stylishly dance along the pop track.

The music video, lyrics, aesthetics and dance moves are all oozing with positivity- precisely the thing that we all desperately wanted amid the pandemic.

When the world is wrestling with the horrors of Coronavirus, the seven members of BTS are giving us a message of positivity, singing about the simple pleasures like ice tea and Ping-Pong, telling us to ‘light it up like a Dynamite!’

The band have collaborated with several American singers previously such as Nicki Minaj and Halsey, but ‘Dynamite’ marks their first single entirely sung in English.

There was a time when they hardly knew any English words, but now they have come afar with fans following all across the world and their first song in English proves that they have no plans to stop!

Why don’t you want to start a day, dancing on the Dynamite beat and drinking a cup of Milk just like Jungkook? Check out the BTS’s first ever English-language song ‘Dynamite’, and imagine yourself singing and dancing exactly as these boys do in any language whatsoever….

Updated August 24, 2020
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