Best DIY Home Security Systems In 2020

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  • POSTED ON: July 25, 2020

Knock knock…

Who’s there?

It’s the top DIY home security system to keep you more secure than ever!

Gone are the days when home security systems usually involved a company that would send their guy to fit a system to your house, drilling holes into the walls and running wire all around, now the world is getting smarter and you should too!

Scroll down and check out these best home DIY Home security offerings and keep yourself and all your preciouses safe and sound!

1. Abode Essential Startup Kit

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Whether you’re a pro or a beginner using smart security, the Abode Essentials Starter Kit is for everyone! It has multipurpose cool home controller options including both Z-wave and Zigbee integration that allows you to control different things such as a smart bulb or smart locks- and it’s pretty easy to configure or set up! You can also navigate Abode’s system through Siri, meaning it can be connected to your Apple’s HomeKit.

Though they have some limited accessories for beginner’s package, you can still choose from other packages and buy extra seasons separately.

You can avail its services in three different packages: Free, Standard and Pro. Free subscribers can’t avail the benefit of recording audios and videos from the camera. However, they can still view live coverage using smart home integration and can also receive alerts on their mobile devices.

2. Ooma Smart Home Security

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Do you just want to have the basics of smart security? The Ooma Smart Security is the right choice to go for! It consists of all the essential elements that a perfect security system should have, i.e. a hub, two entry sensors and one motion sensor and Ooma’s reliable VoIP service with less monthly payment.

The system can also function with Google Assistant and Alexa so that you may command the system through a smart speaker. You can get regular alerts and updates regarding the system’s status.

It’s free subscription consists of regular alerts, unlimited sensors, notifications, and a remote siren. And if you subscribe to it monthly for $5.99, you can avail e911, text message, phone call, and email alerts.

3. SimpliSafe 8 piece Wireless Home Security System

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Unless you don’t want a fancy bulb sensor whenever someone comes at your door, the SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Essentials is the best option to go for and it’s the finest DIY home smart security kit!

Along with the noisy sirens (93 decibels), the system is quite decent looking actually. A keypad infused security system makes the setting process easier and accessible to everyone. Extra accessories won’t be a burden on the pocket; in fact, its video doorbell and smart lock make it the most popular DIY product ever.

It works with both Google and Alexa, including August, now that’s what we call a true smart lock. You can subscribe to its professional monitoring at $14.99/month.

4. Ring Alarm security Essentials

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Ring’s alarm is not only affordable but also incredibly easy to set up; even your ten-year-old kid can do that! This system consists of a loud alarm, battery and cellular backup, and you can also avail the most reasonable monthly package of professional monitoring at $10 per month.

Moreover, the system also has additional compatible devices, including video doorbells, security cameras and smart lights. It’s integrated with Alexa, allowing you to disarm and arm the system through your voice.

Ring’s second-generation system, a more advanced version, has window sensors and a smaller door. It consists of one-touch buttons redesigned keypad for emergency contacts such as Police, Fire, Medical assistance and 911.

5. Nest 5 piece Security Alarm System

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If you’re someone who is the first time trying a smart security system, then the Nest Secure is the runner up choice for the best DIY Home security systems. The security kit is available with the Nest Guard that acts as the base station and consists of the 85-decibel siren, including two Next Detects, which is responsible for two jobs – entry sensors and motion.

Consumers can get a set of Nest tags that are basically key fobs which you can give to your temporary guests. You can get expert monitoring via Brinks Home Security at just $19/month.

Updated July 25, 2020
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