Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ Event: Here Are Our Predictions

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: September 14, 2020

As you know, Time Flies – the big Apple event— is slated for the end of the month and, according to the sources, it is going to be unlike any other event in Apple’s history.

First of all, there are no iPhones being launched in the upcoming event – hmm, intriguing. Usually, September is the month when Apple makes a new addition to its incredibly stunning series of smartphones, but come Tuesday, you’re bound to be surprised, or rather shocked. Oh, by the way, none of the iPhones are going on sale either.

So, here’s what you can expect!

Apple Watch Series 6

Sources reveal that a new Apple Watch might be making its debut – the phrase “Time Flies” is being considered a major clue! Of course, it’s the same watch which we previously discussed – you know, the one that can identify blood oxygen level.

In addition, this watch also supposedly has a sleep tracking device along with a Fitness Activity app, which has been rebranded to elevate appeal.

Previously, specifications regarding the Series 6 smartwatch were discussed but not much was revealed apart from the fact that it would be unveiled in fall.

Bloomberg has reportedly said that Apple may come up with a new lower-end Apple Watch to replace Series 3 Apple Watch which costs approximately $199. It’s rumored that the name is Apple Watch SE.

IPad Air and iPad Pro

There are strong predictions that the iPad Air may get a redesign, having an edge-to-edge screen which iPad Pro has. Currently, iPad Air Sports a thick top along with a button for Touch ID. You may search it on social media websites because apparently the new design has already be leaked.

Hence, according to the new ‘leaked’ design, the Touch ID is shifted onto the power option, available at the top of the iPad Air. This basically suggests that the new iPad comes with a built-in biometric feature!

Also, it seems like iPad Air is copying iPad pro entirely in terms of the navigation system. For example, the Smart Connector – in the leaked design – will give access to connect other accessories. Anyway, the iPad Air currently costs around $499 but we can’t be sure if the redesigned iPad Air would cost the same… perhaps more?

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

If you’re an Apple Alumni, you’d know that Apple usually releases its latest iOS versions along with its iPhones in September. This year seems to be different as Apple is not releasing new smartphones. So, we can’t place our bets on the release of new iOS versions either.

Apparently, the update will come with fresh home screen widgets, a newly designed interface, system-wide picture-in-picture, etc. Rumors also suggest that the latest update could let us set a default email along with several browsing apps.

Although the possibility is minor, but if the iPad Air get revealed in this function, iPadOS 14 will get a launch too! It will definitely possess better handwriting recognition and built-in search.

New Hardware and Subscription Bundles

Apple won’t release smartphones but it will surely surprise you with affordable HomePod devices! There are tracking tag tools in store along with over-wear headphones.

In case you were waiting for the ARM-based Mac or macOS Big Sur, your patience will be tested because it’s less likely to be launched at this event.


Updated September 14, 2020
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