Apple is Now Selling Wheels and Feet for Mac Pro Separately

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  • POSTED ON: April 16, 2020

If you want your Mac pro to become portable, then Apple has a solution for you. The company is selling the wheels and feet separately from the 2019 Mac Pro via individual kits but just like the model itself, both the options are quite expensive.

Source: Tech Spot

The kit contains four stainless steel wheels for installation for $699. However, if you buy the wheels along with the Mac Pro model itself, they will cost $400 so make your choice wisely.

As for the Mac Pro Feet Kit, it comes with four stainless steel feet that can be attached to your Mac Pro. If you have already bought the configuration with wheels, then you can buy the Feet Kit to make sure it does not roll around unnecessarily.

Source: The Verge

Apple says both kits come with a quarter-inch to 4mm hex, but that “additional tools are necessary” for installation. The kits are available to order now!

Updated April 16, 2020
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