Apple iPhone 13| 3 Changes That Have Been Leaked So Far! (Updated)

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  • POSTED ON: December 23, 2020

Of course, we’re nowhere near the launch of Apple flagship phone lineup for the coming year, but some leaks have spiked up our interest as usual. And you might say that there’s no point in discussing the features and details of iPhone 13 since people are still not over its predecessor. But look, we like predicting and getting to the root of boiling rumors.

Without adding more content for the buildup, let’s get right into the changes in iPhone 13 that we’ve discovered so far!

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Apparently, the 2021 iPhone lineup will be almost the same as the shocking 2020 lineup – four devices with slight size variations. Hence, you can expect two models placed at a higher end while two remaining cost-effective and affordable. The device might launch in the fourth week of September and be in the stores for purchase by mid-October.

Let’s discuss the changes in the display and expected features in the upcoming iPhone 2021.

IPhone 13 Display

If Apple follows the same range, we believe that its display would measure in at 5.4-inches, 6.1-inches, and 6.7-inches. We also believe that the latest phone will come up with a notch-less screen with 120HZ refresh rate display and LTPO panel tech.

Due to the 120HZ display, iPhone 13 would most likely have OLED Retina display which Samsung and other rival candidates have. But we have to say that we’re particularly excited about the LTPO panel because Samsun has this feature and it permits the device to scale between 120HZ and 1Hz and save battery life. LTPO panel doesn’t require additional components under the display to provide supportive refresh rate.

The LTPO display of the new iPhone could help give it a smooth refresh rate while keeping the frame neat and preserving the battery life.

IPhone 13 Specifications

It would be foolish to not think that iPhone 13 won’t come with a chip upgrade. We’re betting that it would be in the form of the A15 Bionic which is a successor to A14 Bionic found in iPhone 12.  Obviously, this new SoC (System-on-a-chip) is a major upgrade as far as the overall performance and efficiency I concerned. But it’s not as big of a deal because for iPhone 14, Apple is expected to go further away and make a chip based on a 4-nanometer press node. A14 is a 5 nanometer chip, if you’re wondering.

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IPhone 13 is expected to gain wireless connectivity. We recently discovered that Apple plans on using the Qualcomm’s X60 5G modem in the upcoming iPhones in future. This is an essential piece of knowledge as 5 nanometer x60 modem can easily integrate into the chipset of a phone, leaving room for smaller footprint and reduced battery drain.

The performance of 5Gshould be improved because the modem has the ability to combine mmWave and sub-6GHz 5G networks effectively. We’re hearing that iPhone 13 will have Wi-Fi 6E which is a variation that makes the wireless speed faster.

IPhone 13 Portless

Jon Prosser has indicated that 2021 could be the year we finally get port-free iPhones in our hands. This also means that the company will adopt a standard followed majorly by Android phones. Some people might find the idea of a portless iPhone a bit ridiculous but it’s a reality that is becoming true only because the European Union forced all phone manufacturers to utilize common ports for charging.

So, these were the 3 changes that you can expect from iPhone debuting in 2021. Do you like the changes?

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(Now here’s a little detail that is still not confirmed but apparently the new iPhone 13 will be released on December 22. We’re not going to go ahead with this news because we still believe that it may come early than that. The 2021 iPhone so far is going to be the next iPhone 13. So, stay tuned to Hayvine as we update you about everything related to iPhone 13)


Updated December 23, 2020
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