Apple Includes Black Lives Matter Mural in the Maps

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: June 9, 2020

The street leading to The White House in Washington DC has been renamed to Black Lives Matter. This became official soon after the agenda was proposed and Apple quickly updated the satellite imagery to include the mural in its maps.

The Black Lives Matter image covers two blocks of 16th Street near the Presidential House and will now be called Black Lives Matter Plaza as suggested by DC mayor Muriel Bowser.

Source: Apple

Apple became one of the first companies to alter the satellite settings to accommodate the new mural, keeping the surroundings unchanged. Google Maps does highlight the renamed plaza but it has yet to include the Black Lives Matter mural in the satellite imagery.
This decision by Mayor Bowser was quite surprising and was carried out against the orders of President Trump.

The mural was presented on Friday to show support for the black community and all the protestors who are fighting for the racial injustice in DC.
The mural is spread till St John’s Episcopal Church, the place where Trump held a photo-op while the police gassed the protesters and fired rubber bullets at them.

US Representative John Lewis called it “a powerful work of art” and expressed his desire to see it in person despite being bedridden due to Stage 4 cancer.  

Updated June 9, 2020
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