Apple Hasn’t Given Up On The AirPower Charging Mat

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: June 22, 2020

You might be able to remember that back in early 2019, Apple had introduced its AirPower Wi-Fi charging mat, which has flopped because of certain technical barriers. We had suspected that Apple would try to work and improve on it, but their system didn’t show any interest at the time.

Many rumors floated around in 2019 regarding this fascinating new AirPower charging mat, but none of them saw the light of the day. But turns out that Apple never really gave up on this idea and continued to work regardless of its publicity.

The latest tweet from Jon Prosser supports our theory as he shared images of a working model of AirPower. Initially, he has assumed that the prototype didn’t properly support the Apple watch. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume now that it's all in the past because the watch is clearly functioning. Interestingly, the new model seems to be powered by USB-C cable.

Source: Pocket-lint

So far, it’s clear as a day that Apple is not interested in giving up on its Wi-Fi charging plans

Updated June 22, 2020
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