Apple Blocked WordPress Free App Updates, Asking For 30 Percent

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 22, 2020

WordPress allows you to create and manage websites directly from your phones or iPads for free. Apart from this, also sells fancily packaged domain names.

Matt Mullenweg, the developer of WordPress, has accused Apple of blocking its ability to update the app. And to update the app, WordPress has to add in-app purchases, and this way, it can extract 30% cut off the total revenue.

Basically, WordPress doesn’t sell everything on iOS and instead, it simply permits users to make free websites. In fact, there are no options available to even purchase an exclusive dot-com or dot-blog domain name through an iPhone or iPad app. All you can really do is get a free WordPress domain name along with 3GB space.

Apple says that the in-app purchasing is required every time it allows users to gain access to subscriptions, features or any other content. Let this be clear that WordPress doesn’t sell everything on its own – claims Apple.

Initially, there was a method to finding the WordPress paid tiers but Apple recently dismissed the proposal to block iOS users from viewing the offensive pages. He may be adding new in-app purchases for paid tiers of but that doesn’t mean it won’t fight for what’s right. So far, Apple has given a green flag to its proposition of automatic updates.

Do you think it sounds ridiculous? Apple, the wealthiest business in the world, coerced an app developer to monetize the app to earn more money. This isn’t the first time it has engaged in such atrocious behavior. That’s the way it is!

Updated August 22, 2020
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