Amazon Prime Video Introduces Individual User Profiles

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: July 8, 2020

Just like Netflix,
Amazon has decided to launch user profiles for individual family members who
share Prime accounts.

You may be allowed to
have six user profiles max. Obviously, one of the profiles will be the default
or primary account and you can then have five additional profiles. Now, this
includes the kids account as that cannot be separated. The kid profile will have
limited access to content and the content will be shown keeping the purpose in
mind. Furthermore, three videos can stream at one time with only two devices streaming the same video at the same time. 

The profiles are linked
together with the help of the Amazon wallet sharing tool. This feature permits
the customers to share payment methods with any other Amazon account that may
have been set up in a household. Linked accounts will automatically be created
by Amazon Prime Video. Isn’t it cool?

Each profile will be
tailored according to individual preferences. Hence, you’ll get recommendations
based on your primary interests and preferences. So, if you have an insatiable appetite for entertainment but still stuck with Netflix and Disney Plus, download Amazon Prime Video absolutely FREE now. 

You can disable the
feature of sharing profile by changing the setting on “manage your profile” but you
can’t go back once you’ve made the changes so make sure that you know what
you’re doing when you make changes.

This feature is set to
release soon but will be carried out in different phases.

Updated July 8, 2020
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