8 Hidden Features of iPhone 12

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  • POSTED ON: October 29, 2020

As soon as there’s a new software update, techies jump to unpack the features.

The case is the same when it comes to Apple’s iOS 12. So, if you updated the software, you must have observed a few additions like the Screen Time, Grouped Notifications, and fun photo effects. It’s actually these minor changes that make all the difference.

Ever since the announcement in the united states, we’ve had our interest in unpacking the new updates. So, below, we’ve listed all the new additions that will level-up your iPhone experience:

Face ID alternate appearance

The TrueDepth sensor of Apple is the magic to unlocking iPhones with just a glance – yes, that’s how Face ID works. But, you must have noticed that whenever you wear your sunglasses or just heavy makeup, the facial recognition fails to make the mark. So, like… good luck if you’re an actor!

Here’s the good news: you can now scan the appearance in just a matter of seconds without having to throw the original. Simply go to settings, then click on Face ID, and enter your password. You then authenticate and tap the “Set up an Alternate Appearance” option.

Autofill Verification Codes

We all know, how effective the two-factor authentication is. But because of this, there is an extra step during logging in. Like, you first have to ask for text, then switch to messages and copy the code, and then go back to the app on which you were originally on to paste it in.

Well, iOS 12 cuts the bullshit. Now instead of compelling you to play musical apps, it will identify the messages on its own with help from security codes. The app will ask you to fill it in there and then without forcing you to go through different steps. This feature is also found in the new version of macOS.

AirDrop Passwords

Do you ever have to share your password in a second? Lucky you, because you can now long-press the password that is in your iCloud keychain and then AirDrop it to any other device. The other device will get an AirDrop notification which then puts passcodes in the keychain. This feature may seem useless at first, but it can come to great use when someone in your family forgets the password for Netflix or any other social media account. This tiny detail secures your password for real.

Lock out USB accessories

Locking your phone basically means that you also keep it secure from USB accessories which are plugged in through the Lightening Port. This is regarding privacy and security concerns stemming from third-party devices – they can access your phone even when it’s locked!

So, if your phone ever gets stolen, this feature will block the thief from access entirely! Hence, to enable or even disable this setting, you need to head over to Settings, then Face ID and passcodes, and USB accessories. It further takes notes that lockout USB devices from connecting without permission – only if it’s been over an hour since the lock.

Lyric search in Apple Music

Are you like those people who can remember some of the lyrics but never the song title? Well, join us in the group. Apple understands your struggle and permits you to search for songs just by the lyrics in the Apple Music of iOS 12. Now the next time you and your friend are discussing a song and the title doesn’t ring a bell, use this feature!

An example of this would be to search for “everybody’s looking at me now” and get Miley Cyrus’s Party in the USA.

Muting Notifications

Yes, you can go to the Do Not Disturb mode at any time, but most of the times you just forget to turn it off. Now, you can long-press the button in the Control Center, did you find the three new presets? Well, you can turn it on for an hour for as long as you stay on the location.

Sometimes, it even lasts till the evening. In addition, Siri recommends Do Not Disturb for certain events. So like, if it realizes that you may have an event, you get a notification to turn on the Do Not Disturb option.

Deliver Notifications Quietly

Are you one of those who absolutely loath notifications that come with a strong ring? Take an app like Trello, it literally sends hundreds of notifications every single day, can you take that much sound? We thought not. So, use this option to send these notification directly to the Notification Center without being reminded every few minutes.

Hear better with AirPods and an iPhone

Do you know that Apple has decided to bring back the Live Listen? It enables AirPods to act as a microphone. This technology supports anyone with Apple’s wireless earbuds. You can turn it on and off depending on usage. 

New Design

Of course, by now you’ve seen the design of the fresh lineup: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. As far as the design is concerned, they all have one thing in common, which is their identical aesthetic. Every handset has iPhone 5-inspired flat sides along with ceramic shield glass right in the front. iPhone 12 Pro, of course, comes in a brand new Pacific Blue color.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is apparently the largest iPhone that Apple has ever produced. It has taken the 6.5-inch display screen of its predecessor, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and stretched it further to make it 6.7 inches on the diagonal. You may not find it particularly astonishing or useful, but you can see the size difference by laying it next to the past Pro Max models or stainless steel models.

We love the subtle changes! For example, the side button as well as the volume button have been shifted slightly downwards. Due to this minor change, the phone becomes easier to hold.

Battery Life

You may have guessed it already, but since compared to the iPhone it’s the largest iPhone ever, the battery life is also that great! Of course, if you compare it with 11 Pro Max, that one will beat the new phone purely in terms of capacity which is 14.13 Wh vs. 15.04 Wh. We haven’t studied the battery life in stress, but we have to say that it is our favorite feature as of the lasting endurance but also the various ways in which you can charge the device.

Like, you may connect the battery to the Lightening that comes right out of the box and move on to MagSafe for the rest of the day only to give it a final toss on Qi charging pad.

There are several ways by which you can make the battery seem more capacious. Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max has the same rating as iPhone 11 Pro Max. Hence, you get 20 hours of video, 12 hours of video streaming, and 80 hours of audio streaming.

Without 5G connectivity, you can stretch the battery even further. In fact, the phone went through various tests and it didn’t even come close to hitting the battery life.

Wide Camera Image Sensor

We are not surprised by the camera system of iPhone 12 Pro Max is one of its greatest achievements! Look, it’s only just released, so we are yet to find more chances to get full closure, but overall it is super exciting! Apple has added a 47% larger sensor in the plus-sized model and, man, does it pay off!

Like, you can actually see the physical difference. For starters, the camera module on the iPhone 12 Pro Max is larger in size. Next, it also has protrudes which are tiny bit larger in size. There is also a new sensor and the upgraded sensor-shift the stabilization that sticks out the best.

Because of the brand new sensor on the wide-angle camera, more light can be captured, which results in less noisy photographs. We’ve even tested this in low light, and we got spectacular results! The camera is also backed by an increased ISO. The iPhone 12 Pro comes with a top ISO of 5,808, whereas the iPhone 12 Pro has a top ISO of 7,616, so you can see the difference right in your face. There’s also improved lighting and sensitivity, making it possible to achieve better photos in low lighting.

And finally, the best advantage of the sensor is its elevated depth of field. By taking only a few shots, you can notice the blur in the foreground and background that creates improved subject isolation and overall appeal.

Tele Lens

If you thought the wide-angled camera was the only upgrade, you’re wrong. Apple also moved the telephoto lens and upgraded it from 52mm equivalent to 65mm equivalent. This means that there is a 2.5X optical zoom now!

You will see this difference in any normal shot. The increased digital zoom went from 10x to 12x maximum, too. So, when you’re shooting a video, you can enjoy a 7X digital zoom which was previously restricted to only 6X. Of course, the quality is never compromised in this 7X optical zoom.

Hence, the all-new iPhone 12 lineup has a neural engine, smart data mode, flat edges, white balance, lightning cables, and top 5G speed amongst the aforementioned hidden features. You can purchase it from any Apple store and confirm payment via your credit cards. 



Updated October 29, 2020
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