12 Reasons Why In-Person Classes Look Like A Sci-Fi Dystopian Scene During The Pandemic

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: August 21, 2020

The reality is a bit jarring….

Another day, and another round of universities reopening… and some are closing again!

The discussions surrounding the reopening of educational campuses have gained quite a heat as the 2020-2021 academic year inches closer. Education community, Healthcare and government officials have all rushed to voice their opinions, some arguing that it’s the perfect time to resume in-person classes while others claiming that it could pose an imminent threat to the surge in COVID-19 cases.

During this chaos, some universities and schools actually managed to resume in-person classes and the scenes are quite horrific!

It would be highly understatement to say that this whole year seems like a sci-fi dystopian movie, and the scenes from the classroom are actually giving us the exact feelings! Teachers and students are forced to return to campuses with less supplies and little or no preparations at all.

When a classroom looks more like a dystopian sci-fi movie set than a place of learning, you’d know that something is really really wrong!

How could a place depicting a sci-fi horror scene or worse foster a learning environment? Are we really prepared for the in-person classes or we are just blindly sending our kids to the lion’s den?

Well, some of the classroom scenes are illustrating a completely horrifying picture!

Here’s a quick sneak peek into a pandemic-stricken classroom that gives you the exact feels from a dystopian Hollywood movie.

1. A socially distanced teacher’s desk… looks more like a shower curtain!

2. A plexiglass wall that a virus definitely cant penetrate

3. This thin plexiglass looks more for show and less for protection, duh…

4. Garbage bags to the rescue… Again!

5. These shower curtains are really in demand….

6. Teachers are paying from their pocket to ensure their student’s safety… there’s a reason why we called them Guardian Angels…

7. Yet another shower curtain…. Classrooms turning into sanitary shops real quick!

8. Excitingly Horrific…..

9. These pieces of cardboard are supposed to keep teachers and students safe from viruses… OKAY!

10. Looks like a Professor is demonstrating the plans for the next Heist…

11. Tough times give rise to great innovations… hence proved!

12. Having no space to maintain mandatory social distancing in the classroom? Take it OUTSIDE!

Parents, teachers and students all want to get back to schools and colleges, but not at the risk of their health… Resuming in-person classes seems more like a suicide call unless schools, universities and colleges are fully prepared to welcome thousands of students to the campuses.

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Updated August 21, 2020
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