10 Killer and Hidden Features of Apple WatchOS 7!

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  • POSTED ON: December 11, 2020

Cool Apple watch and Watch features!

So, you’ve got a brand new Apple watch as a holiday present?
Well, congratulations! Now be ready for a fascinating experience with our
spectacular guide on basic Apple Watch tricks, techniques, and all the hidden

WatchOS 7 is officially out and brings plenty of new
features! Yes, you may have heard about one or two new features, but you know
what? You have barely scratched the surface!

Because this time, Apple has included a lot of new features
with their latest update.

Released on 16th September, the update includes a
fresh batch of watch faces, a highly-anticipated native sleep tracking, and new
workout options.

These new features will only be compatible with the Apple Watch
Series 3 or later versions; some of the features are exclusively designed for
the Series 5.

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Scroll down and discover all the hidden features and our
extensive guide on how to make the most of 8 hidden features:

Sleep Tracking update

After much hype and anticipation, Apple Watch owners will
finally be able to track their sleeping habits without being forced to download
any third-party app. The latest upgrade allows users to hit the hay on time by
offering a soothing bedtime routine.

Once you get in bed, the Apple Watch detects when you’ve
dozed off using its motion and heart rate sensors. It automatically shuts off
all the notifications while you sleep. After the night, you can check whether
you woke up in the middle of your sleep, and keep track on your progress over

You need to make sure that your Apple Watch is charged at
least 30 percent and it requires a recharge after you wake up. Once fully
charged, a notification will be sent to your phone that it’s ready to use!

However, Apple is willing to save cost but not the planet. Here’s why!

wash tracking

You know you’re living through some tough times when
hand-washing needs almost as much attention as your crush’s picture in the

Apple has added a hand wash tracking mechanism, a feature
that feels more relevant and appropriate for the world right now. It uses
motion sensors and microphone in watch to detect when you’re washing your hands
and ensure that you’re doing it correctly. Once you get to the sink, it
automatically starts a 20-second timer to ensure that you’ve washed your hands
properly, as 20 seconds is the optimum duration for hand wash according to the
CDC guidelines.

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It also alerts you to wash your hand as soon as you return
to the house.

MAC addresses

WatchOS 7 also offers one of the most interesting privacy
features, quite similar to the one we saw in iOS 14. This feature helps to
prevent your network provider from tracking your Apple Watch. 

Private MAC is set on your watch by default as soon as you
download the latest update. You can manually enable or disable the feature as

Watch Faces

WatchOS 7 allows users to share watch faces with friends and
family. All you have to do is to press and hold on a watch face and you’ll see
a share option. You can also include a contact and even dictate a text message.

You can also share your watch pictures on the social

and ‘fitness’ application

How about burning some calories with Zumba dance moves? With
WatchOS, Apple has included dancing, core, training, functional strength and
cool down features to its list of workout options.  Calorie tracking gets more accurate with the
latest software update.

The Activity app, which keeps a record of your day-to-day
activities, has been rebranded in WatchOS7. It has now become a Fitness app
both on the Apple Watch 7 and the iPhone (here’s hidden features of iphone 12)

This app provides you with more
comprehensive summary, cycles, and stats of your activities.

A new
navigation feature

Cyclists can now have better biking directions on their
Apple Watch. The new navigation feature allows users to choose routes based on
time to destination, number of hills, and total distance. It reveals more
information such as traffic, any bus or bike lanes in the route and so on. You
can also see various locations in the route, in case you wish to stop by at a
coffee shop.

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check on your Watch battery health

WatchOS 7 enables users to check the battery health of their
Apple watch. Just like your iPhone, you can even see a more detailed breakdown
of your Apple Watch’s battery health.

Keeping track of the health of your battery allows you to
see if you need a battery replacement, and keep a check on whether the
performance is deteriorating because of battery issues.


If you want to wear a watch to bed, it needs to be charged
at least 30% — that’s when WatchOS 7’s new feature reminds you to charge your
Apple Watch before you hit the sack! This is a much needed feature, especially
for those who occasionally forget to charge their devices.

New Siri Shortcuts

WatchOS 7 brings the new Siri shortcut. You can now add
shortcuts to your watch face for quick access to Siri. You can even bring all
the Siri shortcuts you have in your iPhone to your Apple Watch.

Health Features

Watch iOS 7 offers some cool updates for the Noise
application. You can now get alerts for headphone levels. The Apple Watch
already keeps track of ambient noise and notifies users when the noise exceeds the
alarming hearing level. Now the feature monitors your headphone noise and alerts
you when you have exceeded the recommended volume or listening time, as per the
World Health Organization guidelines.

The latest software update also brings along a new health
metric that allows users to get a sense of their cardiovascular capabilities and
mobility. It uses the motion sensor to show you a picture of how it’s going to look
like, just like a “6-minute walk test.”

So, which Apple Watch hidden feature excites you the most?
Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Updated December 11, 2020
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