‘South Park’ residents took over NFL stands at Sunday’s Denver Broncos game

  • POSTED ON: 28/Sep/2020

Spot your favorite character!

At times of social distancing and strict healthcare protocols, organized sports are coming with unique and creative ideas to fill in the audience space. But the NFL’s Denver Broncos take the crown for sure!

For Sunday’s face-off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, around 5,700 actual attendees joined the stadium with cartoon cutouts displaying the residents of South Park. Yes, that’s the news! Isn’t it delightful?

The Broncos boost up the game spirit by posting a brief video on Twitter ahead of the game on Sunday morning. The best thing was, each of the residents of South Park seemed to be masked.

So, fellow Americans, you should also follow in the steps of your South Park faves. Keep yourself and your loved ones protected and wear a mask. If they can wear masks, then you should too!

Reporter Benjamin Allbright also tweeted the pictures to give us a thorough look of all the attendees who joined the game last evening…

And here’s the most amazing view of the standees from ESPN’s Jeff Legwold... Woah! Nailed it!

South Park is placed in Colorado's state, in a real place but in a fictionalized version, which the Broncos call home... And it looks the cartoon characters have broken the barrier between the real and fictional world to show up in the match... Cool!

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