Zelda Recipe Appears In A Novel All thanks to Google Algorithms

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 4, 2020

would you do if you wanted to find out how to dye your clothes red? Obviously
you’ll start with searching it on Google, right? Well, that’s what John Boyne
did who is the author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. He believes that he
must have done it when it came to our attention that most of the ingredients
from The Legend of Zelda have made way in his latest book called A Traveler at
the Gates of Wisdom.

Dana Schwartz points out that instead of listing a real-world recipe, the
author took inspiration from the rushed google search results of the video game all thanks to the
Google algorithms. This is where a character uses keese wing, red lizalfos tail, Octorok Eyeball, and four Hylian shrooms to dye red clothes. Well, shit.

author has taken this mistake in good humor and has decided to take it up his
chin. He tweeted on Sunday that someone helped me remind to include Zelda to the page of acknowledgements when the Traveller’s paperback is published.

has also decided to leave it as it is even though the printing can be corrected
in the future copies. Let’s just say that writers need to up their researching
abilities and try to find reliable sources for future references.


Updated August 4, 2020
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