Working From Home Due to Coronavirus? Here’s what you’ll need

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  • POSTED ON: March 14, 2020

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The Covid-19 pandemic is driving and prompting companies to permit their employees to work remotely. Even some of the big firms like Apple, Alphabet and Facebook have halted their office functions as a precautionary measure to contain the virus and prevent their employees.

The idea of working from home might sound soothing to many, like why not? You will be safe from travelling hassle, spending the entire day in those uncomfortable heels and sticking to that boring office desk all day long.

A sigh of relief, right? Well, working remote is not as soothing as it may sound, especially when you lack requisites of a proper workspace at home.

Without stable internet connection and telecommunication, the thought of working at home would be more like a headache than a perk.

If you’re required to work remotely, but have no freaking idea how to be productive among countless distractions at home, then no need to fret! We have all the things sorted out for you to make this transition as smooth as possible!

Fuel up the communication!

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Quarantined or not, the most crucial part of working from home is to develop clear communication with your boss and getting things done exactly how’s expected of you.

In offices, workers remain in close proximity with bosses, ensuring accessible and smooth communication. But all of this goes down the drain with remote work as communication becomes harder, especially when you have an unstable internet connection.

Get familiar with the ready-to-go suite of tools for remote workers such as the chat app Slack or video conferencing app Zoom. From the important meeting to the presentations, Zoom makes it easy to hold video conferences anywhere.

Designated workplace at home!

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First thing first, make sure you have a designated working area. Working under your blanket or from your couch makes it harder to concentrate. To stay productive, allocate a spare room or a guest room with a desk as a temporary working station, where you can detach yourself from the daily chaos and get the job done.

Don’t be a workaholic hermit…

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Yes, you have to wear pants when you work from home! If you’re thinking to hold video conferences in your silk pyjamas, then you’re wrong! You do need to shower and dress before you start your workday at home. It will make you come out of the comfort zone and perform work responsibilities as you do in your office. Make sure to give proper 9-6 working hours at home to enhance productivity.

Treat it like a full-time job

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The abrupt transition from an office to a home environment could be a headache as you’re not used to of this sudden change. Don’t isolate yourself, as it hinders productivity and welcomes stress. It’s better to join virtual parties and share a glass of vine on Skype or Zoom to avoid prolonged isolation.

Updated March 14, 2020
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